Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 12 Recap

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Amiciness is going to recap Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 12. It’s… still… the top four! But it’ll only be a few minutes into the episode and then we’ll all find out who will be the last girl to make it to the Top 3. Aside from that reveal, we’ll also have a recap episode including never before seen footage. The Top 3 girls also meet with Kenneth for tips on how to succeed in the fashion industry. Who will still be in the running towards becoming Asia’s. Next. Top. Model?

Watch with me at 9 p.m. Philippine time on Star World as I recap the episode live as it airs. 🙂

Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model, the girls learned about branding and went on an intense challenge for Sentosa. And since it’s the Top 4 the girls had their shoot for Harper’s Bazaar magazine Singapore. We found out that Patricia and Sang In were in joint first place for their performance last episode. And the last girl in the Top 3… was left as a cliffhanger. Who between Julian and Tawan will make it to the top? Only the top 4 girls (then later, the top 3 girls) remain… who will become Asia’s. Next. Top. Model.

🎶 I’m never gonna stop til I reach the top
I’ll give it all I’ve got ’cause I’m gonna be on top
Want it, take it, make it to the top 🎶

AsNTM4 Episode 12 - The bottom two from last week
Team Tawan or Team Julian?

The people have spoken and the model that they think deserves to be in the top 3 is Julian! Sadly, the judges think otherwise. Tawan gets 41.5 while Julian only gets 40. Tonight, we are saying goodbye to the last hope of #TeamPhilippines, Julian. You’ve done well, Julian! We’ll miss you!

We'll miss you Julian!
We’ll miss you Julian! ;(

Ladies and gentlemen, meet you Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Top 3: Patricia of Team Indonesia, Tawan of Team Thailand and Sang In of Team Korea. It’s the first time, Korea made it all the way to the top. Sang In is really making Korea proud. Will Patricia give Indonesia a back-to-back victory after Gani’s win last cycle? Or will Tawan remind Asia that the first AsNTM winner came from Thailand?

Julian left Sang In a note. Aww. This batch of girls are so close! The top three girls are overjoyed and they celebrate with champagne (?). Ooh. Now, they’re reminiscing their journey while prepping themselves in the morning (courtesy of Neutrogena products). That was… umm.. weird.

Flashback: It’s the first episode and the girls are doing their first runway challenge in Singapore! The girls look so different! This gives me goosies. Maya being eliminated just hours in the competition made Sang In feel that she is in a competition. Oh and we see Mai Ngo quarreling with some of the girls (e.g. Tuti “You’re so irrelevant!”.) This “catfight” was and still is irrelevant. Ugh.

The girls go on a meal with Kenneth Goh. Sang In clarifies “This is not a challenge?”. HAHA! That’s my girl! To the gullible, it’s not a challenge. They talk about who among the girls are they are closest to. Tawan answers Tuti, of course. And we get Tuti-focused flashbacks. In one scene, Tuti compares her makeover hair to Kenneth’s. So funny! Then, Kenneth asks who is the most difficult to live with but all three girls can’t think of an answer. See these girls are friends! Stop pitting them against each other!

Yu Tsai wins the toughest judge award and we see a montage of his mean moments. 🙂 Yu Tsai admits that he doesn’t always agree with the judges. We also see Alaiza’s departure from the show. It seems that Alaiza already decided to leave even before the elimination. Hmm…

Kenneth talks to the girl one-on-one to discuss their portfolio. Patricia, like Gani, does not have the traditional model body. However, with proper poses and movement, Pat’s weakness can become her strength. Tawan’s weakness on the other hand is her English. Kenneth assures her that this should not hinder her to achieving her dreams. Sang In used to be fat and she grew up thinking she was ugly. 🙁 She wants to be a top model because she wants to be an “influencer”.

This recap episode is so boring… There I said it. I think the one-on-one talks would be more heartwarming if either Cindy or Yu Tsai did it.

*sighs* Because of the rain and the traffic, I missed the whole episode. I’ll continue the recap once I catch the replay. Alright? Thanks! My uber fare was so expensive, I’m going to cry myself to sleep now.

Laters, Kenneth!
Laters, Kenneth!

For now, here’s how the finale (and Pat) will look like. OMG, can’t wait!

What do you think of the top 3? Do you agree with the judges? Do you think Kenneth Goh was the right person to talk to the top 3? Do you think he should change his eye glass frame? Who is your Asia’s. Next. Top. Model?











4 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 12 Recap

  1. Wahh…
    Since all my bets are gone my fingers are crossed to Sang in… I know Patricia may nail the runway but in terms of photoshoot its only so-so..Good model not Asia’s Next Top Model….o/o

  2. I’m Indonesian. But I’m rooting for Sang In to be the winner. She’s just the best model material out of those 3. Patricia is beautiful and good as printed material, but somehow I feel like she’s better as a TV Personality or something. She’s hilarious, and seems cool to hang out with. She’ll have good career in showbiz. Tawan, she’ll be a good model, but not as ready as Sang In. Overall, this is the best Top 3 ever! I hope Pinoy viewers don’t get so mad, and peacefully accept whoever wins. It’s exhausting to get angry all the time, right….

  3. So this finale runway AsNTM didnt invite the rest of the girls? Would like to see Tuti stand out among the others XD

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