Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Finale Recap

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Amiciness is going to live blog the Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Finale. I can’t believe it! The cycle’s almost over. But before the cycle ends we’re going to find out tonight who among our top three will become Asia’s Next Top Model.

Will it be Patricia from IndonesiaSang In from South Korea, or Tawan from Thailand who will be on top? Watch with me at 9 p.m. Philippine time on Star World as I recap the episode live as it airs. 🙂

While we wait, vote in our poll here and on Twitter. Voting ends at 9PM.

Last time on Asia’s Next Top Model, we found out that Julian from the Philippines missed out on the Top 3, the first time ever that a Filipina missed the finale. And then we have our Top 3 Tawan, Sang In, and Patricia join Harper’s Bazaar Singapore editor-in-chief Kenneth Goh on a one-on-one mentoring session. We also took a look back at the cycle so far. And tonight, we are finally going to find out who will become Asia’s. Next. Top. Model.

🎶 I’m never gonna stop til I reach the top
I’ll give it all I’ve got ’cause I’m gonna be on top
Want it, take it, make it to the top 🎶

We’re continuing from the cliffhanger for last week. Who’s at the door? Are the girls expecting guests? Not surprisingly, it’s the Top 3’s family and friends. Aww, proud parents. Sang In’s parents are so proud of her photos on the photo wall. Tawan’s parents couldn’t come because of their financial situation and because they didn’t have passwords. But her friend came and she brought a video message from Tawan’s family.

The girls and their family and friends are going to Universal Studios Sentosa (again) for a fun day out. Could I just say that Sang In’s mom and dad are soooooo adorable? Such cool parents! 🙂

The girls go back to the model house and they had to part with their relatives. Patricia says that it’s refreshing to have had spend the time with their family and friends. And then they receive a cryptic Cindy Mail…. in French.

“English is already hard for me, how can I understand French?!” Oh you, Tawan. Hahahaha.

Photo shoot: Avant Garde Haute Couture

The girls enter a studio and are greeted by Cindy and Yu Tsai. “Models, models, models. Yu Tsai, Yu Tsai, Yu Tsai.” *rolls eyes, hopefully for the last time ever* The girls will be wearing French-inspired avant garde haute couture garb from Filipino high fashion designer Happy Andrada. The girls will be styled based on an aspect of their home countries. Patricia is styled based on the Indonesian jasmine, Tawan’s styling is based on a Thai flower, and Sang In is styled as a… Gangnam-style futuristic K-pop star. WHAT THE. At least Sang In’s haute couture dress looks so edgy and high fashion. Hahaha.

Final Runway

Daniel Boey meets the Top 3 for the rehearsal of their final runway. He brought special guests to join them in their runway. It’s the previously eliminated girls: Aldilla, May, Tuti, Julian, and Angie. The Top 3 girls are so happy to see their friends back. Why didn’t they bring back the full Top 14? Budget cuts again? HAHAHAHA.

AsNTM4 Episode 13 - Surprised Sang In and Patricia

As the rehearsal went on, the girls got another surprise. IT’S MISS J!!! From America’s Next Top Model! OMG I hope he gets to guest in a future episode of Asia’s Next Top Model (if they have another cycle, that is).

And… it’s the time for the final runway. The girls get to hair and makeup, and we’ll have to see how they fare on the catwalk… after the break.

While the show is on a break, here’s a sweet message from AsNTM Cycle 4 finalist Alaiza Malinao from the Philippines. Amiciness caught up with her during Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2016.

The girls will be wearing fashion from Indonesian designer Tex Saverio and Filipino designer Rajo Laurel. Kelly Tandiono opens the Halloween-themed runway. Sang In walks first.

AsNTM4 Episode 13 - Runway 2

Before they walk their next collection, there’s a bit of drama (when is there not with this show?) with Patricia’s shoes going missing. Will she walk barefoot on the catwalk? Let’s find out after the break…

Meanwhile, another message from AsNTM Cycle 4 finalist Julian Flores from the Philippines who I also caught up with during last week’s PHFW.

Of course they’re going to use this “missing heels” drama during panel to show how professional Patricia is. HOW TYPICAL. Luckily, she doesn’t have to walk barefoot as she was given replacement heels. K. Yu Tsai opens the second set and Cindy closes the show in her Rajo Laurel gown as the Top 3 join her on center stage… and they disappear to the floor below the stage. Drama till the end!

It’s refreshing to see the judges on the finale runway but come to think of it, they’d just see half of the performance of the girls. Hmm..

Final Deliberation

Cindy, Kelly, Yu Tsai and Kenneth are joined by Katie Atkin from Storm Model Management. Let the final deliberation commence!

"Yu Tsai." said Patricia. "Yu Tsai" Sang In responded and "Yu Tsai." Tawan shouted.
“Yu Tsai.” said Patricia. “Yu Tsai” Sang In responded and “Yu Tsai.” Tawan shouted.

It’s a bit weird that they’re deliberating the runway first when on previous cycles they judged the final photo shoot first. HMMMM. Oh so they’re not going to eliminate one girl before the Top 2. Good.

So they made Patricia do that ridiculous bridge pose, and then they crop the photo to a half-body shot? Hahahaha. Poor girls.

All of the girls have come a long way from their first week in the competition. Who will be this cycle’s Asia’s Next Top Model? They’re joined on stage by their families and friends. I like that they’re with their family. Super touching. 🙂

And the winner is…

Winner: Tawan (Thailand)

AsNTM4 Episode 13 - Runway 3

Well you guys didn’t pick Tawan to be your winner on both the Twitter and the Amiciness poll here. You guys must have underestimated her chance at winning. Hahaha. Anyway: congratulations, Tawan! Well-deserved! Great final photo and runway. You have definitely made your family and country super proud. 🙂

What do you think of the Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Finale? Are you happy with the results? Do you think Tawan will have a great career ahead in the fashion industry? Sound off in the comments below.

22 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Finale Recap

  1. Yayy! I’m so glad Tawan won! She really did well on the final photo and runway. This is the only time in this cycle which I got surprised because spoilers have always been right lol 😂

    Overall Ranking:
    1. Tuti
    2. Tawan
    3. Sang In
    4. Patricia
    5. Angie
    6. Julian
    7. Alaiza- i honestly think she couldve gone a LOT further if only she chose to stay 😞
    8. Mai Ngo- shes not my favorite but her first two photos were really amazing, she deserves to go further
    9. Aldilla
    10. May
    11. Jessica- when the promotional photos came out, I thought she was going to win. It was disappointing because I believe she has it in her.
    12. Tugs
    13. Gwen
    14. Maya- i feel bad for her, shes not even in the opening titles, which is the best opening titles among the other asntm cycles

    I think I would like to see Sang In and Jessica again if there were an all star cycle.

  2. Overall rank:
    2. Tawan 🐯🐯🐯
    3. Pat
    4. Sang In
    5. Tuti
    6. Angie
    7. Aldilla
    8. Julian
    9. Alaiza
    10. Tugs
    11. Mai Ngo
    12. May (sorry sweetie)
    13. Maya
    14. Gwen

    I have predicted Tawan winning so I’m extremely happy rn

  3. Finally, all my votes to Tawan on this Amiciness.❤️❤️❤️ Haha. I knew it! She will win. And she’s winning this for Tuti. Oh… congratulations Tawan!! 🐯🐱❤️❤️ If you’re reading this. I love you!❤️🙈 Of course Tuti was the first. Haha.

    And if you ask me about ranking definitely Tuti will on the top.

  4. 1. Sang In
    2. Tawan
    3. Alaiza (being quite biased because im from the ph, but seriously she was pretty good)
    4. Tuti
    5. Angie
    6. Patricia
    7. Aldilla
    8. Jessica
    9. Mai Ngo
    10. May
    11. Julian
    12. Tugs
    13. Gwen
    14. Maya (feel super sad for her because I have nothing to judge) 🙁

  5. I think Tawan won because the judges feel sorry for her, not to mention her family could not come to singapore due ti financial problem (why on earth antm didnt support for the airfare and accomodation????), not to mention Tawan needs the car (Subaru) more than Patricia and Sang In whom I think cime from rich family, just saying. It is not asias charity next top model though 😜

  6. Lame winner… What an anti climax….Tawan was judged only on her incredible- yet lucky – final shoot…especially by that talent agency from London… Storm agency did not really iinvolve in this whole AsNTM process and observe or assess how the models really struggled week to week just to be barely passed or given a pass by the panel (and a tough panel as i could say…having Glenn Tan, Kenneth Goh and Glenn Tan, not to mention the diva-ish than Thou Yu Tsai) to the next round of the competition…

    Given read what Kaka renaldi wrote above: this is more like Asia’s Next Charity Model if only given to Tawan because she desperately struggling financially and needs to be picked as a winner to retaliate with that… Disappointing finale

  7. Wow nice point of view SK2, and did you notice the kenneth goh face agter the announcement? He looked unhappy. I bet the judge from london overpower the deliberation. Yet the final picture won by Tawan, but was it enough to be ANTM?. GOD must have helped her with that lucky shot. I think it was her faith to be the winner. I hope it will help the family a lot.

    1. I bet Tawan could not last than one year modeling contract with Storm….that’s just I could say….Just like Sheena from C2….Unlike Gani who has got the 5 year contract with STORM!, regardless how unpopular she is amongst AsNTM C3 viewers…….

      Based on the other aspects of the grand finale and recapping all the girls’ effort during this competition, the winner should be Pat…. Great personality with very humble attitude…showing drastic progress during the last half of this competition and never ever produced even single elimination worthy photo…. and never been in bottom 2 position in any single week….

      Oh well, I guess they won’t give the same title to Indonesia twice back to back…especially since Pat is coming from a well-off family as Kaka mentioned earlier….and Tawan probably needs these prizes more the other two (yet much stronger) finalists.

      Shame on Kenneth for not to be able to justify his opinion against that STORM talent agency which model should be picked as the real TOP MODEL!…. Now he has made the bed and laid on it too…..Nough said!

      1. wait, Tawan also brings Thailand back to back. So why couldn’t Patricia as winner ? I think she’s best performer of this week, and it shouldn’t matter if she brings Indonesia back to back

        Geez. Really dumb reason, and this show gonna be biased based on that

  8. First of all, really cheap editing. Like winner announcement, they just show off the winner there and.. done.

    Second, I smell there’s something “scened” or maybe “set” about Patricia’s losing shoes. I feel there’s someone that intentionally hiding it

    To be honest, this is really unexpected winner. Tawan is good model, but for me not as strong as the other 2. And also, Patricia (especially) received most positive comments from judges

    A bit disappointing episode though

    1. Ihsudn..talking bout cheap…Let’s compare this cycle to the previous cycles, namely C3 which evidently displays the tight budget this show was under : No international destination!!

      At least in C3, the top 4 was going aboard with cruise and the top 3 can stay at the Villa Dujardin as a compliment from the producers to achieve that one of the finalist spot. In C4, the top 4 did not go anywhere, only some relatively cheap Zookout tickets (for Pat and Tawan) and Sentosa waterpark (for Sang In and Ja)…and the top 3 still stayed at their apartment until the end of filming..
      Well, probably hiring Yu Tsai costs much more than they already calculated beforehand and the models has to accept and deal with this compromised financial situation! LOL

      1. And then, hiring Yu Tsai cost nothing except unnecessary drama and mixed reviews about him (mostly negative I think). Really waste of money

  9. For me..
    1 or 2. Sang In / Patricia
    3. Tawan
    4. Tuti
    5. Angie
    6. Aldilla > she could go really far if she has nailed photoshoot
    7. Julian > not really see her personality and strong performance here
    8. May > nothing special I think ?
    9. Jessica > I could place her at 7 or maybe 6 if she’s have at least one strong performance
    10. Alaiza > sorry, but for me, she’s good only at 1st photoshoot & challenge
    11. Mai Ngo > I love her, but just not my taste
    12. Tugs
    13. Maya
    14. Gwen > meh, I don’t see anything special from her.

  10. Sure, Patricia or Sang In is way better as the winner. I personally rooted for Sang In (and I’m Indonesian). But seeing Tawan won the competition, well… She’s not bad, she’s great as well in the finale. But the whole cycle performance’s wise, she’s weaker than the other two top 3 girls.

    What sad is, many people (especially from one specific country) mock Tawan being the winner is because she is from Thailand, which is the same country the host (Cindy) is from.

    I mean, what a stupid point of view. Last cycle, Georgina dan Joey from Philippines, yet the winner is from another country. So, please..

    Just congratulate Tawan for being the winner. Even if your favorite girl lost.

    Like me, I love Sang In. But I’m kinda happy too for Tawan.

    Wow. What a long comment I write here… 😂

    1. Thats right, Kian. I’m from Philippines but Tawan deserved to win.
      I cant believe there are people who doesnt like Tawan 😌

  11. Is it just me or i think the Finale was reshoot like that of ANTM CYCLE 17 where Angelea won but due to spoilers was charged with breach of contract and was hence stripped off the title so they re-shoot and had LISA D’MATO won. I have a theory that SANG IN WON but due to spoilers they had to reshoot and give the title to the 2nd placer which happens to be TAWAN.

    1. talking about spoilers, there are so much spoilers everywhere. If re-shoot based from these reason, then at next cycle, they must.. Maybe restrict or whatsoever crew to spread information to others

    2. I actually thought of this and there is a possibility that it could be true.

      If theres really a reshoot that has occured, that might explain how Sang In had a different hair in the finale. (This is not a solid proof though)

  12. Noo I won’t believe a bit in that theory…. On the announcement the top 3’s parents / relative were there……unlike ANTM17, which only involve Lisa and Allison alone sans Angelea (the real winner)….. It would be difficult to arrange another shooting involving them at the same venue some time after the real first announcement, not to mention that it would be costly for the show as well to invite them from Thailand/ Indonesia / S Korea back only for the last three minutes of filming…. So I believe this was not the case….. I think it was a clever tacky strategy from the production company to set up things as if the spoilers won’t really know that Tawan is the winner until the premiere of the grand finale broadcast on TV…so they make hoax that Sang In is the winner, etc..

  13. Anyway, Pat is the FIRST Runner up and Sang In is the SECOND Runner up. You can check that on Wikipedia. Pat wins over Sang In based on the overall and average scoring during the whole cycle (Pat 391.1 > Sang In 386.9). You can also check the order of elimination table on that site… Tawan the winner is placed at the bottom of the list, Pat is just above Tawan’s name and Sang In is just above Pat’s…. Although they state that it was a tie between Pat and Sang In.

    Arguably if we include the grand finale’s performance without that scoring system :
    Photoshoot : Tawan > Patricia (looks a bit tense) > Sang In (looks dazed and confused)
    Runway strutt : Patricia >> Tawan > Sang In
    So, if we give score 3 for the best, 2 for the medium and 1 for the worse….
    Tawan would have had 5 points, Pat 5 points and Sang In 2 points.
    Even if we regard the last shoot of Sang In is better than Pat, the score should be Tawan 5, Pat 4 and Sang In 3.

    So I repeat my opinion that Pat is the first runner up, although she is less favorable than Sang In to win the prize.

  14. yes and I believe that same thing happened on C1 AsNTM. Kate is the first RU and Stephanie is the second RU.

    Yet the Pinoys keep bragging from time to time that Steph is the first RU. which is contrary to what has been stated by the show on Wiki… LOL for this as they try to cope Steph’s lost by regarding her as the very excellent model for the Phil.

    As we know for the fact that her portfolio is just meh, compared to Kate Ma’s and all the viewers can remember from her is her iconic Queen of The Bottom 2 title. Should Steph or Pinoys be proud to acclaim such title? Idk

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