What to Do When You’re Growing Old Single


Recently, I had dinner with one of my groups of friends and I realized that—how do I put this—we were growing old single. Year after year, dinner after dinner, no one was bringing a plus-one. Practically (almost) all of us have not dated anyone. It’s been close to six years since college and we still talked about the same things, while everyone else was getting engaged and getting married.

I DO. (Via Teen.Com)

I realized that we have to prepare, invest and embrace single-blessedness to succeed in this thing called LIFE. Char! Don’t take this list literally, it’s all for fun. But seriously, I’m single. Call me. 📞

1. Learn to cook

Basics first. If we single people must survive this thing called life, we need to know how to cook. And I don’t mean instant pancit canton (RIP: old Lucky Me noodles) and egg. We need to know how to make real home-cooked food! Being single means, no one will cook for you and di naman p’wedeng araw-araw Jollibee noh! Magkapakpak ka sige ka!

Expectations. ASA…(Via Pinterest)

Learn how to cook pambahay food like sinigang and the ultimate Filipino fave, adobo. Sa pinaghalong tamis, alat at asim, di na mahahalata ng mga tao ang tinatago mong pait.

Smile lang. Magsando at magkwintas na mahaba habang nagluluto. Dadating din siya…(Via College Candy)

Plus, know how to garnish and plate your dishes. Make them Instaworthy (for your sake!) Pagkain na nga lang p’wede mo i-post ehGandahan mo na! Gumamit ka din ng maraming ketchup. You need the lycopene. <3

Luto-luto lang...
Luto-luto lang… (Via Giphy)

2. Invest in your pamangkins and inaanaks.

Children under five years old are a bundle of joy. Growing old single could mean that babies may not come your way anytime soon. The next best thing that you have are your pamangkins and inaanaks. Be the best tito/tita! Love them like your own.  HIGIT SA LAHAT, HUWAG MAGTAGO TUWING PASKO!

Mentors. (Sleeping Beauty Via Tumblr)

Most of the time, expressing love is tantamount to being loved. It’s the best feeling in the world. Plus, they have their own parents so you don’t have to pay for all their expenses (just the ones you can afford). You also have that tita perk that allows you to embarrass your niece/nephew especially on social media. Whatta deal, right?

(Via Quick Meme)

Hopefully, when you get very old and frail, they’d take care of you as you did them. You could also send a child to school through World Vision. That works too.

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CAN’T WAIT! (Via Meme Generator)

3. Get a memorial plan.

Unless gusto mong ibalot sa dahon ng saging, isakay sa balsa at paanurin sa ilog Pasig, get a memorial plan. There’s no better time than today.

Cremation ba kamo? RIP po. (Via Wheat and Tares)

4. Be your parents’ best friend.

Being single, I’m always at home. I eat dinner almost every night with my parents even on monggo day (Fridays). My siblings are always out, which leaves only me with my parents, and this could be just a preview of how my life would be in the future. Most likely, I won’t move out… ever. I’d just stay with my parents and celebrate Christmas, New Year and even VALENTINE’S DAY 💔!!!!

Anak, wala ka bang friends?
Mom: Anak, wala ka bang friends? (Via Top Yaps)

So dear singles, don’t just be a good son/daughter, be your parents’ best friend. Talk to them, listen and respond. Even if they become makulit and paulit-ulit. Be patient and understanding to the people that have been patient and understanding to you their whole lives.

5. Travel. Travel. Travel. ✈✈✈

The best advantage of growing old single is that you only have to decide for yourself. Your best friend is getting married? Go! Office karaoke night? No problem. You can be omnipresent as long as your wallet permits it.

(Doctor Who Via Rebloggy)

Similarly, if Cebu Pac has a seat sale, you can book cheap flights on the spot. You don’t have to rot in the wee hours of the morning waiting for your jowa to reply if he/she is available on that schedule. Traveling is easier and faster. Deal with finding a travel buddy later. Besides, uso naman ang solo travel/soul-searching.

Traveling solo is empowering especially if naka scarf ka. (Via All Women’s Talk)

6. Get a dog (or any kind of pet).

Being single, there will be times when you really feel alone. Dogs aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing. There’s nothing like the feeling of going home to find your dog eager to see you.

HAYS. (Via Fanpop)

Name him after a girl or a boy you have a crush on. Para masaya. 😀

Kras po kita. (Via Pinterest)

7. Reconnect with old friends. #abangers

Remember the boy you hated in 5th grade? Maybe he’s single and he secretly had a crush on you. So add him on Facebook and start flirting. You may just win yourself a boyfriend.

Don’t give up. Abang lang. 😀 (Via Buzzfeed)

Worst Case Scenario: Find a fellow growing old single friend and you know that deal you make with your friends that when you two get to a certain age you must marry each other? I think it’s time to seriously consider that as an option.

Target spotted. (Via Cosmopolitan)

8. Be a good listener.

All your non-single friends will make you their confidant. Hone your listening skills and know the right things to say to a friend with a malandi gf/bf or a brother who has an extra moody wife. Be patient. Be patient pa rin kahit hindi naman sinusunod ang advice mo. B’wisit!

(Via Popkey)

As you give countless advice, you’ll also learn from their relationship experiences. When the time comes, you’re ready. Wyn-wyn Marquez!

9. Learn a new language.

Go get those afams! 👰 Hahaha! But seriously, learning a new language opens you up to a whole new market community. Maybe you’re not meant to speak of love in English or Filipino. Maybe French is for you or if you’re a bit more linguistic, try German! Who knows? The one may just be waiting on the other siiiiiddddeeee!

Hello po. (Via We Heart It)

Thanks Xtina for teaching me foreign languages.

Oui! (Via Degrassi Wiki)

10. Magtirik ng kandila.

If all else fails… it may be time to ask for divine intervention!


Growing old single is not easy but it’s also definitely NOT a life sentence. Don’t shame and punish your friends if they are on the path to being matandang dalagas and binatas. Some of the best people I know have grown old single and I ❤ them very much. Kanya-kanya lang ‘yan.

P.S. This is not just an article. I repeat: this is just not an article. This is a call for help. Call me. 🙂

0917XXXXXXX. (Via Pinterest)

What do you do to cope with growing old single? Are you staying positive about the single life? I sure am (but seriously, call me). Sound off in the comments below.

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