MVNDO Magazine Brings Theater Back in Print

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I got my very first copy of MVNDO Magazine when I watched PETA‘s Rak of Aegis two weeks ago. I went out during the intermission to get some siomai but my short attention span brought me to the MVNDO booth. The magazines were hung on a sampayan, complete with sipits and all. I loved it! At first, I thought the magazines were for sale and looked pretty expensive too. To my surprise, though, the MVNDO magazines were being given away to theatergoers for FREE! Each page is in full color. (Even the ads!) And the paper is of high quality! It’s not too light that it’ll ruin your bag and not too heavy that you’ll regret getting a copy. Sorry, I’m slightly obsessed with paper, stationary and stuff.  😛

MVNDO Magazine is a startup founded by smart and creative young professionals passionate about one common thing: theater. After watching a performance, do you ever find yourself wanting to know more about the production? Do you want to know more about how the concept came about, the casting process, and more on the inner workings of a theatrical production? I’m sure you do. Sure, a programme will give you bits of information but not at the depth that MVNDO takes you.

Red Turnip Theater's Tribes in MVNDO Magazine
Billy (Kalil Almonte) is on the cover of the Tribes issue. (Via Red Turnip Theater)

For their launch, they released two covers, one of which features the four thespians playing Aileen in the final run (for now) of Rak of Aegis, Aicelle Santos, Kim Molina, Alisah Bonaobra and Tanya Manalang. Rak is arguably the production that converted a lot of people to become theatergoers. It transcends all demographics. I’m sure after five runs, the history of how the Aegis musical came about is hidden under tons of news articles that new viewers will not have the chance to know. But MVNDO goes beyond what the playbill tells you. For instance, did you know that over the five years of Rak, four babies of different cast members have been born? Did you know how Pepe Herrera and Jerald Napoles nab the role of fan favorite Tolits?

Rak of Aegis in MVNDO Magazine
Behind the scenes look at Rak of Aegis

The other cover features Kalil Almonte who plays Billy in Red Turnip Theater‘s Tribes. Musicals are all the rage these days but straight plays are here to stay as proven by Red Turnip’s stellar previous season, having won awards for 33 Variations and This Is Our Youth. The company is looking to continue their streak with their latest offering Tribes.

MVNDO Magazine August 2016 Issue
Flipping through the pages of MVNDO Magazine

The issue also gives an inside look at other current and upcoming productions such as Upstart Production‘s Love/Sick and Ballet Philippines‘ season opener Firebird and Other Ballets. There are also features on the state of the Philippine arts, indigenous culture, improvisational comedy with SPIT, and many more. Not to mention the gorgeous photos and art inside.


One thing that makes MVNDO stand out is that it’s not intimidating (read: snobbish) for an arts magazine. It doesn’t matter if you’re a connoisseur of the arts or a casual theatergoer like the rest of us. There’s something to enjoy in the magazine. MVNDO is bringing theater to print and into our homes.

Grab a copy of MVNDO Magazine at the PETA Theatre, where Rak of Aegis is on its closing weekend right now, and at the Power Mac Center Spotlight at Circuit Makati for Red Turnip Theater’s Tribes. Better yet grab a copy of each cover while you still can! Follow MVNDO Magazine on Facebook for more updates.

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