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After a back-to-back win for the Philippines, we now have a new Miss Earth 2016! And it is Miss Ecuador Katherine Espin. But, of course, dear readers we all know our favorite part of these beauty pageants. And that is the Q&A round. Let’s see how the candidates fared answering the final question and showing their love for Mother Earth.

Miss Earth 2016 Katherine Espin from Ecuador
Miss Ecuador Katherine Espin wins the Miss Earth 2016 pageant

The Question

The Paris Agreement on climate change is a historical international deal that seeks to limit global warming to below 1.5°C. If you were selected as Miss Earth 2016, what would be your program to protect Mother Earth from climate change?

Well, that’s a pretty tough question. But I guess that’s why it’s the final Q&A. How did the girls answer. First up was Miss Ecuador.

Miss Ecuador’s Answer

Miss Earth 2016 Katherine Espin from Ecuador

Miss Ecuador Katherine Espin spoke:

I truly believe the 5 R’s, which is Rethink, Reuse, Reduce, Reduce [sic] and Respect. Because I believe that us as human beings if we apply that to our everyday lives we can make a change and we will reduce the problem that we have just mentioned. If we apply that in our everyday lives I believe that we, as humans, can save the place we live in, which is Mother Earth.

Miss Brazil’s Answer

Miss Earth Water 2016 Bruna Zanardo from Brazil

Miss Brazil Bruna Zanardo promised (I don’t speak Portuguese but I transcribed it as best as I could):

Mabuhay Filipinas! O meu projeto para proteger a mãe Terra seria um projeto de conscientização ecologica. Isso sim nós […] podemos mudar todas as coisas que acontece a nosso mundo. Se um dou a Miss Terra o meu compromisso é formar uma cultura socioambiental. Isso sim vamos são conseguir vencer todos esses problemas. Thank you.

And my attempt at translation (because the interpreter did a horrible job):

Mabuhay Philippines! My program to protect Mother Earth would be a project about ecological awareness. I believe we can change everything that is happening in our world. If I become Miss Earth I am committed to create a socio-environmental culture. I believe we are going to overcome all of these problems. Thank you.

Miss Venezuela’s Answer

Miss Earth Fire 2016 Stephanie de Zorzi from Venezuela

Miss Venezuela Stephanie de Zorzi mentioned (I am also not a Spanish speaker but this is what I think she said):

Buenas noches, Philippines! Yo no soy la Superwoman pero promovería la educación de los niños y el respeto para preservar la conservación de nuestra Madre Tierra. We are the change! This is our home! Salamat po, Philippines!

Again, another attempt at translation, since, although the Spanish interpreter did a marginally better job than the Portuguese one, he was still pretty bad:

Good evening, Philippines! I am no Superwoman but I will promote the education of children, and the respect to preserve the conservation of our Mother Earth. We are the change! This is our home! Thank you, Philippines!

Miss Colombia’s Answer

Miss Earth Air 2016 Michelle Gomez from Colombia

Miss Colombia Michelle Gomez urged:

Good evening, again. My program to protect Mother Earth of climate change would be with small changes. That’s what I always say—that’s what I [am] always gonna say. If we can make changes in ourselves, and if we can change our hearts, we can create a big change. We can change the world. So if we change the—turn off the lights—we’re gonna protect all the environment. So that’s the way I’m gonna do it.

So reading these answers my first thought was: “This is the Top 4?! Seriously?” I know the question was supposed to be tough, but does anyone else think that all of them did not seem prepared for this final Q&A? Not one of them gave a concrete enough solution to address the climate change problem. Now, how would I have answered it?

Amiciness’ Answer

An Amiciness day to all, Pilipinas! I must say that it’s about time that the world finally puts attention to global warming. *grins* As Miss Earth 2016, I will promote car-pooling and the more widespread use of public transportation. Not only does it help lighten our traffic problem but we also lessen the harmful gas emissions ruining and polluting our air. We are helping not only ourselves but also our Mother Earth. It’s about time we give back and protect the world that we live in… for our generation and the future! Thank you.

There you have it! That was the Miss Earth 2016 Q&A. To see the rest of the Miss Earth 2016 coronation night, watch the full video from the Miss Earth official Youtube channel below. (Scrub over to the 1hr 15min mark for the final Q&A round.)

Whose Miss Earth 2016 Q&A round answer was your favorite? How would you have answered the final question? Are you happy with the Miss Earth 2016 results? Sound off in the comments below.

(All media on this post taken from the Miss Earth official Facebook page.)

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  1. Well to give to them, I’m sure it’s very nerve-wrecking out there. Pero amen to your answer haha. Pinaka-malapit na si Miss Colombia sa sagot na yan… It starts with the simple things we can do 🙂

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