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Taking a vacation leave is crucial to a twenty-something middle class worker like me. Whether it’s one day, a couple of days or a week, it’s the time to unwind after the daily 8 to 5 grind of earning moolah. That’s why I’m so excited as I booked a trip to my summer destination: South Korea 🇰🇷. Yes, I know I’ve been there thrice already but before you say, “Korea na naman!?” Let me explain first. 😅

Siloam Spa
Going Korean AGAIN!!!

My dream/next summer destination is… 🥁🎶🎶

The Boryeong Mud Festival!

CAN’T WAIT!! (Gallivantrix)

I’m going to South Korea for the Boryeong Mud Festival! HOORAY! I’ve been planning this since last year and, luckily, I booked cheap tickets last month. The festival is held annually and is pretty popular for both foreign and local tourists alike since its first staging in 1997. OMG, I just realized that the 2017 Boryeong Mud Festival will be celebrating its 20th year! I AM MORE EXCITED THAN EVER!

THIS IZ MY DREAM!! (Travel Korea)

OPPO F1s Summer Destination
SEE HOW FUN IT IS!? (Travel Korea)

Why Boryeong Mud Festival?

The Boryeong Mud Festival is not your typical travel destination. First off, it’s held outside the capital city of Seoul. It happens 200 kilometers south of it, which means I’ll be living hours away from the city! Second, Pinoys don’t usually go to Korea during the summer because it’s awfully hot. Korea trips (at least in my social media feeds) happen during spring, winter or fall, but not summer! Unless, the tickets are seat-sale, of course. Hehe. Lastly, it isn’t called MUD festival for no reason. Mud will pretty much cover your whole body as you will be swimming and playing in mud with a whole lot of strangers from around the world. It’s like their version of Sinulog or a more wholesome Burning Man. 😝

Okay, mej WILD…HAHA (Business Insider)

I initially had inhibitions booking this trip. Honestly, I’m an introvert. Everyone I know will react to the contrary, but yes, I am. I’m not comfortable with crowds and strangers. Then again, life is short and I have to conquer my fears to experience something different! 😜 My foreign trips were formerly focused on tourist spots but recently, I found a new passion to immerse into the country’s culture by just living like a local. Staying in one place and just taking it slow is a mark of a true traveler. Hehe… Believe me, taking it slow abroad is a challenge at first but it’s remarkably satisfying and therapeutic.

2017 Boryeong Mud Festival Poster

The festival runs for two weeks. This year, it will start on the 21st of July until the end of the month. Like Hong Kong’s Chinese New Year festivities, the Boryeong Mud Festival features different events that will run every day and night. I’m looking forward to the Air Force Black Eagles Air Show where the jet planes of the South Korean Air Force will wow everyone with their colorful sky formations. I’m also excited to watch live Korean bands and singers in the Boryeong Citizens Music Concerts and the Citizens Tower Square Open Concert. I’m also curious to know what the Mud Yacht and Mud Parade have in store for the crowd.

I wonder what the Self-Massage Zone is for? (Business Insider)

SELFIEEEE! (Business Insider)

OPPO F1S: The Selfie Expert

Hmmm… did I mention that I was going alone? 😔 I’ll probably need a good phone to capture my selfies. The OPPO F1S calls itself the “Selfie Expert,” and I can see why. It has an unbelievably clear 16MP front camera. I hope the Boryeong mud do well for my skin but if all else fails, I can always use OPPO’s Beautify 4.0 to hide my blemishes and capture an A+ Instaworthy selfie.

Look at that stage! (Visit Korea)
OPPO F1s: The Selfie Expert (Via AndroidPIT)

The front camera can even take clear selfies even in low light. This can be very useful when I take selfies during the final weekend concerts of the festival. It sucks to be single and traveling alone but with OPPO F1S, I wouldn’t mind. Plus, if I meet friends during the trip, the phone’s wide-angle selfie panorama would do the job in taking the best groupfies. Nobody will get cropped! HAHA. #NeverAgain

The people BEFORE the festival starts. (Business Insider)
AFTER…It’s hard to recognize you besties! HAHA!!! (Korea Tour Information)

The phone is not just good for selfies. It also boasts a 13MP rear camera, which can take wonderful and exceptionally clear detailed photos.

Daecheon Beach
The Mud Festival is held on Daecheon Beach. Can’t wait to take pictures and blog! (Korea Tour Information)

Plus, with the customizable fingerprint app launcher, I can never miss an Instagram moment! I can customize the OPPO F1S to open the camera app instantly when I touch the screen using my index finger.

Mud Fest
Can’t miss moments like this! (Business Insider)

Lastly, since I’m in a foreign country, the OPPO F1S’s dual SIM is especially useful. I can buy a Korean SIM and put it in my phone. This way, I don’t need to bring an extra phone or change my SIM during the trip. I can be online all the time, thanks to my Korean SIM, but still be connected via roaming, using my original SIM.

There you have it. My dream and soon to be next summer destination. What’s yours? Sound off in the comments section below.

BULAGA! Thanks for reading! (Via Business Insider)

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My OPPO F1s Dream Summer Destination - Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea
My OPPO F1s Dream Summer Destination – Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

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