What the Philippines Needs: Sustainability

The 2013 Philippine Elections is just around the corner. I’m writing this post not to comment on candidates I like or more importantly, the candidates that I don’t like. I am writing this post because I want to share what I think the country really needs. I am a graduate of Industrial Engineering and not in any way knowledgable on the law or the things that I’ll be talking about but this is what I feel should be prioritized. Sustainability.

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#Lahar: Pinatubo Adventure

imageMount Pinatubo is one of the more popular volcanoes in the Philippines next to the perfect coned Mayon Volcano and the small but terrible Taal Volcano. It is located somewhere in between Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga provinces. The last time the volcano erupted was in 1991. According to some websites, prior to this eruption, Pinatubo last erupted more than a thousand years ago. Wow! Now I know why the eruption is considered one of the largest eruption in the last century.

Anyway, this summer, I had a chance to go to Mount Pinatubo. Naturally, it was just one memorable and fun experience.

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Review: “It Takes a Man and A Woman”

For the record, I did not like the first installment (A Very Special Love) of the “Sarah-John Lloyd Trilogy”. Yes, it was entertaining especially the “sun dance”. Yes, John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo had great chemistry. However, it overlooked a lot of things. Things I needed to consider it a romantic movie that would be remembered at least for the next five years.

Okay, I was wrong because fast forward to 2013, Star Cinema releases the third (and last?) movie entitled It Takes a Man and Woman.

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Mabuhay ang OPM?


OPM is dead. OPM is not dead.

Whatever your opinion may be, you’d agree with me that the “Original” in OPM has long gone… at the very least, for mainstream Philippine music. You know, the songs you hear on the radio, as TV show themes, or as movie soundtracks.

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The Men of Swedish Pop

Most people around the world are familiar with American pop, with the U.S. having the biggest music market worldwide. Japanese pop, or J-pop, and Korean pop, or K-pop, are growing in popularity and influence thanks to its widespread coverage on the internet.

Many people though are unfamiliar with the pop coming out of Sweden; arguably, the birthplace of pop music itself.

Remember, ABBA, the 4-member co-ed group? Yes, they’re from Sweden, and gained worldwide recognition with hits, such as song-turned-musical “Mamma Mia” among their long string of hits in the 60’s and 70’s.

The fame attained by ABBA paved the way for other Swedish artists like Roxette (“It Must Have Been Love”), Ace of Base (“The Sign”), Robyn (“Do You Really Want Me”, and more recently “Call Your Girlfriend”), and the A*Teens (“Upside Down”) which started as an ABBA tribute group.

Now that I’ve given a crash course on Swedish pop, let me focus on their male pop artists.

1. Eric Saade


The Swedish representative to 2011’s Eurovision, and finishing 3rd place, Eric Saade has already been popular in his homeland. With his participation in the Eurovision he has made his name known across Europe. He has even made a single with Dev, U.S. rapper and often collaborator to The Cataracs and Far East Movement.

Pronunciation note: His surname is pronounced /Sa·a·de/.

Popular – Eric Saade

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Review: Asia’s Next Top Model Season 1

Asia’s Next Top Model Season 1 has just ended and honestly, I have a lot to say about it. Before anything else, congratulations to Jessica for being the first title holder. No other contestant deserved to win, but of course I was rooting for Philippines’ Stephanie.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to review the episodes one by one but I’d be more than glad to rant list down my insights on the first season.


I guess it would be rude for me not to state the positive points first so as follows are the first things that came to mind.

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