The Girl Who Is A Crybaby: Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 3 Recap

The girls on their way to their makeovers on Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 3

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Tonight, Asia’s biggest model competition continues. And it’s MAKEOVER DAY!!! Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 3 airs tonight 9 P.M. on STAR World. Follow Amiciness on Twitter (@amiciness) for live updates as the show airs. You could also check this page for a quick recap of the episode. 🙌

The official synopsis of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 3, from the official website:

This season ups the ante on the much anticipated makeover day. In an unprecedented twist, one model gets to pick all the contestants’ new looks, which they each have to rock in a daunting denim photo shoot out in the open fields!

Accusations of sabotage permeate the Model House where there is a clear Good Girls versus Bad Girls divide. On set, some contestants embrace their transformations while others struggle to work it, and one girl literally collapses under the pressure. Special appearance by internationally renowned Malaysian supermodel, Ling Tan.

If you haven’t seen the previous episode (or if you want to know more about the DRAMA), check out my Episode 2 recap and Episode 2 review.

The Girl Who Is Genetically Blessed: Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 2 Recap

Last time I asked you for your favorite photo from Episode 2, and here are the results 👏

Dorothy receives a gift of Bvlgari perfumes for being FCO. The Bad Girls room lost another member last week in Heidi. And then we see that the girls are literally divided into two rooms: Good Girls and Bad Girls. What is this, primary school? 😂

Cindy Mail: It’s time for the makeovers!

The opening titles, one more time: 💋


Yu Tsai visits the model house with Mervin Wee. The girls have a choice between a subtle and dramatic look. But it’s last week’s FCO, Dorothy, that chooses for all of the girls.

The girls’ makeovers:

  • Alicia: Dramatic – short graduated bob
  • Cindy: Dramatic – blunt cut with graphic bangs and crazy curls and layering
  • Clara: Subtle – boyish disconnected layering
  • Dorothy: Dramatic – 70’s rock and roll look
  • Jennica: Subtle – chin-length blue-black coloring
  • Layla: Dramatic – colored ombre extensions
  • Maureen: Dramatic – sexy textural layering with heavy bangs
  • Nametha: Dramatic – curve layers with ash-blonde coloring
  • Shikin: Dramatic – asymmetric boyish crop
  • Tu: Dramatic – dark auburn red coloring
  • Valerie: Subtle – layered-side shaggy style
  • Veronika: side-swept chin-length bob

Makeover time at Jean Yip Hub! Valerie hopes that the makeovers make her and her twin stand out as individuals. We get it, we get it. You’re twins. The twin thing is really getting old.

Cindy visits the girls during makeover. I guess, we won’t be seeing Cara G. in this episode. Alicia has been lengthening her hair for 5 years now and it’s her first cut in a while. She won’t be fazed by no hairstyle. ON THE OTHER HAND, Clara doesn’t like her hair being cut. “My boyfriend will break up with me.” GIIIIRRLLLL. The dramatic look was way shorter. I think you should be grateful at least. STOP CRYING!! Cindy tries to calm her down. She may or may not have succeeded. Yup if you haven’t figured out by now, Clara is the “crybaby” in the episode title.

Many of the girls got chin-length hair and bangs. Maureen gets the edgiest bangs as compared to Cindy’s which was a bit of a hot mess. #SorryNotSorry

The girls get home from their makeovers to see a photo booth setup. Naturally they take photos with their new hairdos. Who wouldn’t? But where’re the fancy hats though?! The girls begin to like their makeovers however drastic it may be. Except for Nametha (and Clara). Nametha likes her hair, but it isn’t her.

Photo shoot: Denim Girl

Yu Tsai greets the girls on a field. Finally no more city backdrops! Malaysian supermodel Ling Tan joins him to supervise the shoot. Photographer this shoot is Shavonne Wong. The girls are wearing denim and posing in a field with a huge chair as prop.

Shikin is off to a great start and she’s really feeling her new hair. Alicia started off shaky but with a bit of a push from Yu Tsai she got it. Clara got mixed signals from the mentors. Ling Tan says she did good, Yu Tsai doesn’t think. You are hard to please, Mr. Yu Tsai! Cindy’s next and I don’t like her hair. Sorreh. She does great and goes for the crazy and big poses at the end of her shoot. Maureen is having difficulty choosing which mood to portray. “You don’t do sexy!”. Maureen struggles and her lack of experience in modeling, considering that it’s Episode 3, shows.

Valerie started off being “boochy to the max”, even prompting Yu Tsai to ask why she’s only posing in profile. She’s afraid to look the camera straight on because the left side of her face is her “good side.” Tu wants to make Vietnam proud. She slays her shots. However the heat on set causes her to faint again. Someone actually puts a Good Morning Towel on her head.

Dorothy is next. She tries not to be “cheesy” to impress Yu Tsai. Fortunately for her, she succeeds, for now. In contrast, Jennica fails in her photoshoot. The turban on her head kinda has overpowered her. Yu Tsai tells her that she should have bring more of her dancing skills to the shoot. Why didn’t you tell her that during the shoot? Nametha slays the shoot. She looks like a Guess model. Layla cries again on set. Maybe, it’s because of what she’s wearing. HAHA.


Cindy starts off the deliberation by telling the girls how fabulous they all look. The judging panel this week is Cindy, Yu Tsai and Ling Tan.

Clara is first to be deliberated. Cindy compares her to her daughter who is throwing a tantrum. Cindy puts Clara’s problem into perspective by pointing out Shikin and Nametha. Nametha is making faces at the back. HAHA. Clara’s photo is just okay.

Cindy didn’t like that Tu’s photo looked too sexy but it’s still a good photo. Alicia looked like a “sexy badass.” I <3 Alicia’s legs! Maureen’s problems during the shoot come up during panel. She’s having trouble communicating with the team. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Yu Tsai didn’t like that Dorothy liked too perfect in her photo. The judges all loved Cindy’s photo (even though she got shafted in the makeover). Jennica admits she was awkward during the shoot because of the Turban. She looks lost. Nametha gave an “ugly beautiful” photo. Layla is still having confidence problems. Yu Tsai asks her if she can win the competition. She says, “No”. Shikin got a lucky shot. She’s not shining as bright as we hope she would. Judges liked Veronika more than Valerie this week but not by much. Stop comparing them!

FCO: Cindy

Bottom 2: Jennica & Maureen

Eliminated: Jennica 🇵🇭

Call Out Order 👇

  1. Cindy
  2. Tu
  3. Shikin
  4. Nametha
  5. Alicia
  6. Clara
  7. Layla
  8. Dorothy
  9. Veronika
  10. Valerie
  11. Maureen
  12. Jennica

Next Episode

Clara v Tu. An early wake-up call. Group shoot on a moving bus.

Poll of the Week

Poll closes right before Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 4 starts next week.

Watch out for the next post for a more in-depth look at the girls’ photos and our own ranking for Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 3. Plus some of my thoughts on their makeovers. What did you think of the episode? Do you think the right girl went home? What was your favorite part of the episode? Sound off in the comments below.

6 comments on “The Girl Who Is A Crybaby: Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 3 Recap

  1. There’s a lot of good photos this week! 💜Love the makeovers, i think dorothy is the only one who got a not so good makeover. She kinda sabotaged herself..

    1. Cindy
    2. Shikin- how is she doing that?? I mean she’s just standing there and its already stunning
    3. Nametha- surprised that the hair color had actually gone well on her.
    4. Tu- would’ve like it better if only she doesnt look tense
    5. Alicia
    6. Veronika
    7. Dorothy

    8. Clara- she looks short here. She’s also bothersome.
    9? Layla- cant judge this one, this is not the shade of blue i was expecting. She can also borrow some confidence from that girl.
    10. Valerie
    11. Maureen- i thought i saw better poses..
    12. Jennica- i could almost read her mind here saying, “im soo much better than herr”

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