As Told by Amiciness Vol. 1

Just some of the stories I tell my friends...

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Short, funny and personal stories as told by moi, Amiciness. It’s also my first time to try making comic strips for the blog. I figured I liked telling stories, drawing, photoshopping and writing. So why not do all of them? Emmerayt? Enjoy!

1. How to Eat inside the Classroom

I was in the first grade when I first felt the need to eat during class. To not wait for recess and just eat my pandesal filled with bacon and sugar, prepared by my grandmother. Of course, this wasn’t allowed. So I put my head inside my stroller bag and took a bite of my awesome blissful sandwich. Et voila, my very own 1st grade hack!


That’s why my bag is always big…

2. That time I Shopped Too Much

Three or four years ago, I found out I wasn’t going to be promoted. They chose someone else. 😪 What’s the (il)logical thing to do? Retail therapy, of course! So my friends and I went to Perry Ellis. I bought three button down shirts and a cardigan, which cost me around Php11,000. That’s not even the funny part. After I paid and left the store, we heard the staff cheering ’cause they reached their daily quota. Or weekly quota, we won’t really know.

I shop for the economy.

3. No Proper Attire! No ID Picture!

This one’s from my good friend Jaclyn. She went to LTO to renew her driver’s license. It was a hot summer day so she wore a fashionable sleeveless blouse. The government agency people asked her if she had a jacket or a cardigan she could wear. She didn’t have one. So she commuted back home to change into a collared, long-sleeved blouse, just to be sure. They finally allowed to have her picture taken. Much (much) later, when Jaclyn received her license, she wasn’t thrilled at all. Let’s just say her ID pic didn’t include even a single thread of her clothing.


Lady gaga

Thanks for reading! If you have short stories you want to feature, just let me know in the comments section.

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