The Girl Who Needs To Grow Up: Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 8 Recap

Model-host Dominic Lau joins Cara, Cindy and Yu Tsai on the panel for Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 8

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Tonight, Asia’s biggest model competition continues, and we’re getting down the wire. 6 girls remain. Who will become Asia’s. Next. Top. Model. Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 8 airs tonight 9 P.M. on STAR World. Follow Amiciness on Twitter (@amiciness) for live updates as the show airs. You could also check this page for a recap of the episode. 🙌

The official synopsis of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 8, from the official website:

The Top 6 are paired up for their highly-anticipated go-sees that put them under unreal pressure; and later, the girls are ‘Bound by Love’ to a male model for a powerful and seductive photo shoot by Yu Tsai.

At a tense and tearful elimination, one contestant gets a reality check that modeling is no child’s play. Special appearances by creative consultant, Daniel Boey; fashion designer, Kevin Seah; actor, Pavan Singh; singer and actress, Cheryl Wee; and host, model and TV personality, Dominic Lau.

Wow! This synopsis is pretty spoiler-y. I already have a guess as to who might be eliminated. 😂

If you haven’t seen the previous episode, check out my Episode 7 recap and Episode 7 review.

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 7 Review + Amiciness Picks

Last time I asked you which was your favorite ZALORA fashion film, and here are your results:

Awww, I miss seeing all 14 girls together like this.

Veronika is heartbroken that her twin sister is not in the model house anymore. Valerie wanted the Top Model prize more than her. And the villain of the week is Shikin. She’s not at all surprised that Valerie had been eliminated.

Tu breaks the news to the Good Gils that she’ll be moving to the Bad Girls’ side. She doesn’t want to help another girl anymore. *cough* Cindy *cough* The new bad girls discuss how they think Maureen deserved to be in last week’s bottom 3 and that the new good girls lacked the skills to be top models.

Clara begins the attack! 😂 She confronts Maureen that she doesn’t deserve to be Top 6. “Only pretty face, no modelling skills.” Tu aays Maureen is not at her level. Shikin chimes in “I don’t see you as a top model.” Umm, girls, Cindy is siting right beside Maureen. Why not her? 😂


Challenge: Go-sees

Cindy Mail video! The girls are going on go-sees. Three pairs, three go-sees.

  • Tu & Shikin
  • Cindy & Maureen
  • Veronika & Clara

First go-see is with Daniel Boey’s The 15th District. Shikin and Tu arrive there first. Shikin is working the runway walk, but Tu had the slight edge according to Daniel. Daniel liked Maureen’s photos in her portfolio and says he might consider booking her for a campaign.

The second go-see is with bespoke suit designer Kevin Seah. The girls wear bespoke suits and they have to balance femininity and masculinity. Cindy has a great walk, but according to Kevin, lacked personality. Clara doesn’t seem to get the brief. Kevin thinks Tu is too feminine for her brand.

The last go-see is inside a studio for a telecom TV commercial audition with “casting director” Pavan Singh. I put quotes because I’m a bit suspicious. 😂 The director keeps on interrupting the girls because they can’t show the emotion he wants from them. He calls out Tu because her movements didn’t look natural. To which Tu defends that that’s how she really is in real life. Clara actually inserts the wi-fi issue into her dialogue. Cindy is given a sad scenario and she actually has tears. But the director is still unimpressed. All of the girls are confused. Me too.

The girls return inside the studio where Yu Tsai meets them, along with the “casting director.” It turns out Pavan was actually an actor and this last go-see was just a test to see the girls under pressure! OR the production didn’t get to book a third go-see. ANYWAY! The scores have been added and the challenge winner is…

Challenge Winner: Tu

She’ll be walking for Daniel Boey in a fashion show. OMG they’ll immediately be shooting their photo shoot in the same studio. No rest for the girls!

Photo shoot: Bound by Love

Yu Tsai will be behind the lens. Ans the girls will be working with a male model. Who is shirtless. With a rope. 🎧 I don’t wanna live forever. I’m kidding, it’s not that kind of shoot! 😝

The photo shoot is going so fast. Even Yu Tsai looks tired! They probably shot this super late at night, but they had to because they booked the venue for the whole night.

Back at the model house, the girls get treated to Cheryl W wines.


Cindy: Cara likes the lighting hitting Cindy’s body but she lacks confidence. Yu Tsai thinks it’s sleepy working with her.

Veronika: Very stiff, says Cara. Yu Tsai is worried that the loss of her twin sister is dragging her down. Cindy says not to feel guilty that Valerie got eliminated before her and focus on her own model journey.

Maureen: Dominic is instantly taken bu her facial expression. Cara likes this different side to her. Yu Tsai loves that she delivered and didn’t need to direct her and stayed silent.

Shikin: She’s disappointed and so are the judges. They want her pose to be more committed.

Tu: Slayed. She dominated the photo. Dominic thinks it’s very editorial. Cindy thinks her face was a bit dead.

Clara: Dominic laments that she didn’t make full use of the prop. Yu Tsai thinks she was disrespectful during the shoot when she commented that her shoot was too fast. Clara tries to explain but the judges don’t give her the chance. Now Cindy chimes in that she can’t ger too far. I feel a bit uncomfortable. This is borderline bullying just for the sake of on-camera tears. 😒

FCO: Maureen

Bottom 2: Clara & Veronika

Eliminated: Veronika 🇮🇩

Call Out Order 👇

  1. Maureen
  2. Tu
  3. Shikin
  4. Cindy
  5. Clara
  6. Veronika

Next Episode: Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 9

It’s Subaru week! And the girls are wearing a white dress with a very long trail while standing on a trapeze-looking platform hanging above the air as a Subaru car drives fast to create a wind effect. Whoo! That was a long sentence. 😂

Oh are they teasing a possible comeback for the eliminated girls? Are we finally getting to #ExpectTheUnexpected?

Watch out for the next post for a more in-depth look at the girls’ photos and our own ranking for Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 8. What did you think of the episode? Do you think the right girl went home? What was your favorite part of the episode? Sound off in the comments below.

8 comments on “The Girl Who Needs To Grow Up: Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 8 Recap

  1. 1. Maureen- i really like the slight grimace, tho i wish they wouldve chosen a photo where she had more neck. (9 out of 10 pink shirts)

    2. Tu- the photo is overall passionate, but why is the male model’s head cropped? Where is Tu looking at? Do her right toes feel comfortable in that position? (8 out of 10 fetchiness)

    3. Shikin- wouldve given this first place, this looks like art! If only her face matched her strong body language.. (8 out of 10 plastics) *on the other hand, the male model looks PERFECT in this shot. Perhaps, it’s time to add “sausages” in this show?

    4. Clara- i genuinely believe this would be a better shot, if she has longer hair. I really like the body but her left hand is a noodle. Also, their legs look sooo skinny in this one! 😱 (3.5 out of 5 senses)

    5. Cindy- leg positioning is GREAT. Left hand is awkward. The face is– . (2.4 out of 4 candy canes)

    6. Veronika- for some reason, her arms look short and her head is about to explode. Anw, her makeup looks very heavy.. (3 out of 10 maple syrups)

    At least Veronika surprisingly has a good walk in contrast to Clara and Cindy, who are not very good at it.

    1. i agree with your review, I can’t give comment like yours, but i agree with your ranking. btw, i hate this episode drama with yu tsai vs clara.

      1. Whenever there are conflicts like these, i always try to view cases on both sides.

        Clara just basically stated her personal impression about the time phrase(?) of the photoshoot and maybe Yu Tsai misinterpreted it as being disrepectful (as it may have sounded like Yu Tsai’s being unfair to her).

        It all adds up to Clara’s storyline of her slight naivety and that she might not realize how her sentiments can be wrongly perceived by others. But, yeah, I agree that the judges couldve been more subtle on this situation.

  2. For me(as much as i want to be nice) but i think i just really hate tu than shikin right now. I really feel her betrayal(not for cindy but to maureen) BUT i think its all scripted. And i know that shikin is a kind cool girl. But i am rooting for maureen to win. That comeback made me search for spoilers tho. I would love either of the twins to go back but i think layla would comeback based on the spoilers i red before.

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