The Girls Who Became Friends (and Foes): Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 10 Recap

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Tonight, Asia’s biggest model competition takes a break for one episode as it looks back on the cycle so far. 5 girls remain. Or is it 6? If you count Xiao Qing, that is. Who will become Asia’s. Next. Top. Model. Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 10 airs tonight 9 P.M. on STAR World. Follow Amiciness on Twitter (@amiciness) for live updates as the show airs. You could also check this page for a recap of the episode. 🙌

The official synopsis of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 10, from the official website:

With a change in scenery, it is time to strut down memory lane and relive the season’s most unforgettable highs and lows in this special Recap Episode; and stay tuned for exclusive never-before-seen confessionals where the models spill the tea on the competition.

We also see how the rest of the competition unfolds, get up-close and personal to find the one who is worthy of becoming Asia’s Next Top Model.

If you haven’t seen the previous episode, check out my Episode 9 recap and Episode 9 review.

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The show picks up from last week. Xiao Qing is indeed joining the other girls to form a new Top 6. Plus another good news: they’re going to Kuala Lumpur! Oh wait, Xiao Qing isn’t really a competitor. She’s a fashion designer in real life, and she’ll be an undercover judge.

Next Episode: Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 11

Runway challenge on a hanging bridge. Photo shoot on an ice skating rink, wearing ice skates. And based on this teaser, I think I’m going to like Xiao Qing… like a lot! 😂

What was your favorite moments of Cycle 5 so far? What do you think of Xiao Qing? Sound off in the comments below.

8 comments on “The Girls Who Became Friends (and Foes): Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 10 Recap

  1. I don’t see an ounce of passion from Maureen so I’m wondering what her fans are seeing. She says that she deserves to be in the competition but is she consistently delivering? No.
    On the other hand, Shikin and Tu are consistent in giving their all in every photo shoot. I see passion in Shikin and Tu. Not Maureen.

    1. Really? Maureen had been consistent this past weeks. I mean she had been consistently in top 3 for 8 WEEKS. She also won 2 TIMES. So isn’t she consistent? You know what? You are just insecure of her and also I do love shikin and tu and I respect them. So I hope you also respect maureen. Because you sound like an intimidated child ugh. #ONLYLOVENO HATE

      1. I would advise everyone to keep a cool head here. Let’s all calmly share our thoughts. 🙂

        And also for the sake of accurate information, regarding Anon-7:54’s info about Maureen:

        1. The show has run for 10 episodes now, including the recap. That means 9 photo/video shoots so far.
        2. Maureen has been FCO twice (Episode 5 Maybelline, Episode 8 Bound by Love).
        3. She has been in the Top 3 (including her two FCOs) 6 times, not 8, out of 9 shoots.
        4. One of the 2 times she was out of the Top 3, she was in the Bottom 2.

        If you ask me, I don’t really think consistency is important. As the judges have said before (I think), you’re only as good as your best photo for that week. What matters is that each girl in the Top 5 is taking the competition seriously and is giving their all each and every week. 🙂

  2. The recap episode was eh.. Things couldve gone better if they stick to their usual interview-like stuff they did before.
    I really want some tea this episode, but i have only realized very few stuffs:

    1. Shikin is having none of the BSry the show is tryin on her cutaway scene with Cindy 😂😂
    2. Maureen looks like the lead chick from Shadowhunters (the redhead)
    3. Tu is starting to sound more like Squidward. I swear somebody can just add his laugh after her spiel and i wouldnt have noticed. (No offense of course)😇
    4. Clara continues to impress me with her bluntness! She just literally asked why Chowking is suddenly there right off the bat. This girl just makin sure she is on our future “all-star” cycle 😂
    5. Edit continues to ignore Cindy..

    1. Cindy’s never before seen confessional was “Pathetic. The girls are pathetic. Even I am pathetic.” Why? How? When? 😂

  3. just ignore the obvious biased opinions, so long as the scores of the judges backs-up the performance of the model, thats it.

  4. the bad girls are feeling insecure thats why they bully maureen, clara said so. In the US version, Tyra do not allow bullying.

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