Amiciness Goes on a VL: Cebu + A1 Fangirling Experience

Just a typical photo with the flowers. Nothing weird here.

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Last year, I impulsively booked tickets to Cebu just because I saw an A1 concert poster on Twitter. I also got my VIP concert ticket that same night. I used my GetGo points! Work got me really depressed that day so… don’t judge. This also happened way, way before I booked my Kim Bok Joo Korea trip, which I also happened because I was depressed so really, don’t judge.😝

Mark Read, Ben Adams, and Christian Ingebrigtsen are A1
Formerly a quartet, A1 is now a trio composed of Mark Read, Ben Adams and Christian Ingebrigtsen (Via AsiaOne News)

The next day, the Manila leg poster popped up on my timeline. I should have waited but that would just be another concert in Araneta. When life hands me lemons, I make lemonade so I turned this impulsive decision into a one of a kind A1 Fangirling experience turned to an Amiciness Goes on a VL episode.

2 VLs were filed for this trip #NoRegrets. (Via Tenor)

Watch the latest episode of Amiciness Goes on a VL at the bottom of this post (so you will be forced to read the whole post, silly)! Enjoy!

None of my friends wanted to jump in to my crazy trip so I traveled alone. It’s the first time I rode a plane by myself (I packed light! 🎉) and I actually enjoyed it. I didn’t have to wait for anybody but hours of not having someone to talk got really, really exhausting.

Cebu is quite familiar to me since I’ve been there once every year since 2011. I already knew how to get around the city so I just had to look somewhere new and easy to go to considering my short stay. I didn’t want to be too tired for Mark, Ben and Christian. HAHA. And I had to review and practice the songs! It’s been years since I listened to A1.

Henry Hotel

This was a solo trip so I was unsure if I’d like to be cheap or extravagant in terms of my budget. I chose the latter. I decided to splurge and book a unique hotel room that’s both comfy and Instagram-able. I found Henry Hotel and I fell in love. Just the fact that each room was designed differently made me book instantly.

Henry Hotel
At my awesome hotel room.
Henry Hotel Lobby
Hipster hotel is hipster.


Sirao Flower Farm

Getting to the flower farm was the fun part as I took a habal-habal up to the mountains. To my surprise, there were different flower farms to choose from and you have to pay a fee to enter. It was really hard to take photos. I should have brought a tripod. LOL.

These are celosias. Love ’em!
Habal-habal is fine when you’re alone. It’s not as uncomfortable. Haha.

Sirao Flower Farm

Temple of Leah

My habal-habal driver sales talked me into passing by Temple of Leah, so I did. It was a temple with a great view. It’s an expression of love for Leah from her husband. *sighs* L.O.V.E.

Temple of Leah
Inside the temple. I didn’t go up the stairs ’cause people were hogging the area.
Cebu view
Magnificent view of Cebu.

A1 Concert

* Sings to myself* This is what you came for 🎤. The venue (International Eucharistic Congress Pavilionof the concert was different to what I was accustomed. The security was light and the bouncers were not hogging the stage, which was very near the audience btw. Trivia: The venue was made for Pope John Paul II’s visit in Cebu so it wasn’t a traditional coliseum/arena type. It’s built like an enormous rectangular multi-purpose hall with very good air-conditioning. The concert was very intimate. It’s like a family reunion. We were all just enjoying ourselves screaming at the top of our lungs for the three boys of A1.

I watched a1 during their last visit in Manila (with Blue and 98 Degrees). I promised to myself that the next time they’d visit, I’d buy a seat nearer to the stage. I’m a man of my word so I was seated in the third row. HAHA.

International Eucharistic Congress Pavilion
You won’t get this view in Araneta or SM MOA Concert Grounds.

I thought I needed to review and  memorize a1’s songs but it turned out I knew them all by heart. The songs felt familiar and made me a bit sentimental. The songs brought me to a time when MTV and cassette tapes were still a thing. They reminded me how much had changed. How much I had changed. Anyway…😝

A1’s the remaining boyband I follow that has not disbanded yet. First was Westlife, then One Direction. So if A1 is reading this, don’t disband, please.

Looking back, I don’t regret taking this trip. It was something I needed then. Sometimes, you have to do something crazy to shake your life a bit. Put yourself first and do what makes you happy, guys!

Have you booked airplane tickets just for a concert? Have you been to these places? What would you have done if you had an overnight stay in Cebu? Do you also love A1? Who’s your fave member?

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