A Visit to “Viva Polo”

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I visited EXO Chanyeol’s Italian family restaurant “Viva Polo” last April in Seoul. The food’s really, really good! Every bit of it is worth all the Won in my wallet.

Viva Polo Entrance
Promise, the food is soooo good!!!

To get to Viva Polo: Go to Myeongil Station (Line 5, Purple Line) and get off at Exit 1. Turn right on the first corner.

 Viva Polo
The restaurant is located upstairs.

As you enter, you’ll immediately notice that the place is covered by fan art in all forms and sizes from EXO fans all over the world. I even saw a five Philippine Peso bill. Ha!

Blushing EXO

One day, I’ll go back and post my own fan art. <3 Of course, after eating the delicious pasta.

Cute EXO

The restaurant is well lit with all the windows facing the street allowing sunshine. The place is good for taking pictures! Picture-taking is allowed but be mindful of other customers.  <3

Inside the restaurant…
Viva Polo Menu
The carbonara is to die for…

Sorry I don’t have much food photos. We were so hungry we ate immediately. LOL.

Hey you! <3

What are you waiting for? Book a flight to Seoul now! 😀

Are you also an EXO fan? Have you been to Viva Polo? Tell us all about your experience.









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