Make Gift-Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!

Ber months na! 😝 Wait, I’ll just play my Jose Mari Chan cassette my mom bought me back in grade one. 🎧 Yep, it’s almost Christmas time and if you’re like me who makes gift-giving a “career“, I know you’re already planning your Christmas presents to family, friends, your special “friend”, office crush and to Kuya guard who doesn’t forget to greet you “Good morning po 🌞!” every freakin’ day!

My gifts will rock your world! (Via Mashable)

Gift-giving is our way of saying thank you for sticking with me despite of my craziness, I love you kahit di mo naman ako nakikita, charot! and please boss, i-promote niyo na po ako. Double-charot!!😉

Game of Thrones
Your presence is not always a gift. 😛 (Via eBaum’s World)

Regardless of the reason, here are a few of my fool-proof gift giving ideas for the coming Christmas season. (And for all occasions!)

1. Personalize your gifts. 🗜

Nothing beats anything that has a name on it. Whether it’s a key chain, a cellphone case, whatever. People perceive personalized gifts as having higher value. They are more likely to keep and use them because they already feel like their own.

Bought these personalized passport holders for the whole fam. 🙂

I once received a personalized hand towel back in high school. N years later and I’m still using it. Also last year, I received a notebook inside a paper bag with my name “Noel” (Christmas) as its pattern. I no longer have the notebook but I still have the paper bag. 😁

Gift giving
Plus points if it has their picture! (Via Parks and Recreations)

Not to mention, personalized gifts are non-transferrable! LOL. 😅

Chris Pine
Well, unless your friend’s name is Chris!! Haha. (Via Global TV)

2. Always be thoughtful. Always. 💭

Stalk. Look. And Listen. Et voila, gift idea. This is what I do all year. Hehe! I observe my target receiver and identify his/her wants and needs. Economics lang yan, besh. Feel the demand and be creative with it. 🤔 It’s the thought that counts, ‘ika nga.

Open your eyes and mind. Be thoughtful. 🙂 (Via Pop Key)

Recall that time he borrowed your automatic folding umbrella and was wowed by it. Or that time she mentioned that custaroons are her favorite dessert. That time you saw her collection of Minions that she treats like her own children. And that he saw the movie, Enchanted twice in the cinema.


Seriously, don’t overthink. Stalk. Look. And Listen. The clues are all around you. All the little details. Imagine you’re Sherlock Holmes or Detective Conan. Observe and you’d know the perfect gift to get.

Make Oprah your spirit animal!! 🙂

3. Get Gift Certificates (GCs)! ✉

Of course, on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are also those that are super hard to read. I have this officemate that hasn’t written anything in his wish list for years now. ‘Yung kulang na lang lumuhod ka para sabihin nila ang gusto nilang pang-Secret Santa.

Me: “Ano laman ng wish list mo?” Friend: “Kahit ano.”

Buying gifts is extra harder when you don’t know what to buy. Kahit umikot-ikot ka pa sa Megamall at mag-consult sa lahat ng saleslady. Mahirap. Most of the time, it’s better to get Gift Certificates or GCs. 😁

Sodexo Premium Pass
Sodexo Premium Pass

GCs come in different forms and denominations. Some like Sodexo Premium Pass can be used for over 9,000 outlets nationwide like Jollibee, The Face Shop and SM Cinemas. Some are even made for specific stores like SM (SM Gift Pass), Rustan’s, WalterMart and Shopwise.

Getting GCs has many advantages. First and foremost, it’s hassle-free. GCs like Sodexo can be purchased online and delivered to your loved ones/office. You can conveniently avoid the hassle of braving the horrible holiday rush traffic.

Christmas Rush
Walang ganito pag GC regalo. #NKKLK #ChristmasRush

At work, we order and give away GCs as employee incentives and rewards, and also during Christmas parties. Kahit Php 300 lang, masaya na kami. I prefer getting GCs than getting another mug in our raffle, noh. 😂 Mahirap din naman kung manalo ka ng cabinet o electric fan. Hassle!!

Congrats and good luck pauwi, beh.

‘Di ba?! The best part is that your loved ones/officemates can use the GCs to get what they want. What they really want. 🎤 What they really really want. Zig-a-zig-ahh… Hindi sayang ang pera!

What is ziggazig-ah?? (Via Tumblr)

4. Give from the heart. 💗

As cheesy as it may sound, always give from the heart. It’s not about how expensive your gift is, what matters is that you wholeheartedly want to make the recipient of your gift even just a bit happier. As little as the gesture of gift giving may seem, at the very least you remembered them.

Kahit ano, basta galing sa’yo. <3 (Via Community)

What other tips do you have for making gift-giving this holiday season (or any season for that matter) hassle-free? If you do receive GCs, what stuff are you planning to buy? Sound off in the comments below.

Ba’t mo naman binato, Beyonce? HUHU

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