My Day as Pennywise The Clown


I spent one whole day as Pennywise the Clown for work (technically) and, of course, for Halloween. I’ve always been a sucker for dressing up. I didn’t get to experience this when I was a child so I guess, I’m making up for lost time. And yeah, I’ve always wanted to be an actor so it’s nice to get into different roles every once in a while.

Pennywise Costume
“You’ll float too.”

Two years ago, I was one of the Ghostbusters. Last year, I was Fred from Scooby Doo. Early this year, Gintoki Sakata. This year, we got “It” as our theme so naturally, I had to fill in the role as Pennywise the clown. The killer clown. I mean, who else would be willing do it?

Roles over the years.

Retouch, please!

That white paint on my face wasn’t actually face paint (or any paint made for the face). Instead, it was water-based poster paint. Tiis-ganda lang. So by lunch, my face had cracked like a dry wedding cake. Hahaha. 😅

Blogger pose #1

I dressed up, in full hair, makeup and costume, at 8 in the morning without breakfast, coffee, anything. I regretted that immediately. Drinking water through a straw just to avoid ruining my red lips was such a chore! Haha! By lunch time, I was really hungry so I took an Uber out to lunch. The Uber driver was so amused that we even took a selfie together. HAHA!

Blogger Pose #2

People were taking pictures of me, but I didn’t mind. I didn’t look like me. I was probably even trending in people’s Instagram stories in the area. My cousin even saw me in one of her college friend’s IG stories. 😂

Manila Creamery
Even clowns love ice cream!

Tons of people got scared of my costume. Kids, adults, all ages. There was this lady who I just happened to bump into in the corridors of my office buildings. I wasn’t in character as Pennywise at all! I was just normally passing by! She screamed really loudly. Good thing she didn’t throw her coffee at me.

Georgie and Pennywise

There was also this little girl dressed as a princess who I chanced upon in a jam-packed elevator. Her dad was carrying her so my face was at her eye level. We high-fived. I was comforted thinking I hadn’t scared her. Unfortunately, the elevator ride took too long, stopping at every single floor. She slowly realized she had been in the company of a creepy killer clown in a very tight space all this time. She cried.

Don’t cry, little girl.

A little girl who I was taking a photo with also poked me in the right eye with her finger. I couldn’t open my eye for 3 seconds but the show must go on. I couldn’t rub it and ruin the makeup so I took the picture with tears running through my eyes.

Manila Creamery
Buying ice cream.

Being in character all day was hard work. I had to have this creepy smiled pasted on my face. My eyes were also nakatirik all the time so my head ached at the end of the day.

Overall, I enjoyed being Pennywise for a day. The longer I stayed in the costume, the more I felt like the character. I had fun taking photos with random people and I would love to do it again. <3 For now, I need my moisturizer and some Korean facial masks.

Pennywise, signing off. 😉

What other crazy and/or scary characters have you dressed up as for Halloween? Share your stories in the comments below, or on my Twitter and Instagram @amiciness.

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