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Okay, this is a very, VERY late post. Early this year, I went to Bacolod with friends to spend a long weekend there. Our plan was simple. We just wanted to stay on the beach, drink and eat! No extreme activity unlike the last time 🙄.

We went straight to our hotel to spend the night but I took time to take some photos at Bacolod Public Plaza. Why doesn’t Metro Manila have more plazas anymore? I’m so inggit. 😪

Bacolod Public Plaza
Traveling on a long weekend is so exhausting because of the traffic and so many people! (Bacolod Public Plaza)


On our next stop after the plaza, we enjoyed late night desserts from Calea. The cakes were so affordable that we managed to order different flavors. Ugh, I wanna go back. Calea has tons of branches in the city so you won’t have trouble looking for one.

First stop, Calea!

Lakawon Island

I’ve been looking forward to going to this place ever since I saw it on my Instagram feed. We rented a car to the port at Brgy. Cadiz Viejo. I think you can take a bus and a tricycle too but we’re tired and like lolas, we opted for comfort, instead. 😋

Lakawon Beach
So relaxing. <3

From there, a boat took us to the island for a fee (PHP1500 for 10 pax). Tip: Take the boat with strangers so you can maximize the boat capacity and the fee.

Lakawon Island
Miss you, Lakawon!

We booked the cheapest room, the Tropical Bamboo House for four pax. It had no air-conditioning and the bathroom was located outside of the bamboo hut. It was worth the price considering we didn’t stay there much. To add to the experience, there was a giant frog under our hut, croaking all night. I love nature! 💗

TawHai Floating Bar

TawHai Floating Bar, for me, was the highlight of our trip. I can stay there all day, and we did. You have to pay a separate fee of Php250. A boat will be available to bring you back and forth to the bar if you please. The bar opens at 10AM until 4:30 PM (for day tour guests), 5PM (weekday) or 8PM (weekend) for overnight guests.


I just had my APE and I had a mild fatty liver so I only had a long island iced tea. 🙄 Similar to Lakawon Island, don’t expect that the food would be as great as in Bacolod City. (Spoiler alert: it was not.) But this was back in February. Maybe, by now, the food has already improved. 👌

Being surrounded by clear blue waters and the sky made me realize that life was indeed both mysterious and beautiful. That we’re just a tiny speck in this whole universe. Everything we do is irrelevant. All the awards, accolades, and successes. Nothing matters so there’s nothing to be stressed about. Yeah, this was why I needed to take a vacation leave. 😅

Watching the sun set. <3

Heritage House: Balay Negrense

Because of time constraints, we only visited one heritage house. There’s a very minimal entrance fee (I forgot how much! 😁). We visited Balay Negrense a.k.a. Victor Fernandez Gaston Ancestral House. The house is built on concrete and in such a way that the wind will just flow in and out of the house. According to the people there, this was why the house stood the test of time.

Entering the house was a bit creepy yet nostalgic. It was like entering a time machine to the old century. I love the layout of the house especially the 2nd floor. It had a spacious ballroom (or living room) for dinner parties like the ones described in Noli Me Tangere. There were many bedrooms with curtains as doors, and the ceiling had this ventilation system that allows the air to pass through each room. No need for aircons!

I’m not sure if this was the film location of Everyday I Love You where Silay Scooter Girl, Liza Soberano spun to make her wish, but we reenacted the scene anyway. HAHAHA


I tried the obstacle course in Campuestuhan and it was NOT easy. It was fun but carrying my weight was not as easy as I imagined. Haha!

This was the most “active” we got while on this trip, so I wasn’t as tired as I would’ve been had we crammed more into our itinerary. Plus, we didn’t stay here for long because it was too hot! Back to more relaxation and exploration, Tita-style. 😅

The Ruins

Of course, the trip won’t be complete without visiting The Ruins. We got here late at night to see its grandeur with all the lights. The Ruins was built by Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson to honor her late wife. During World War II, it was burned to prevent the rumor that the Japanese would use it as its headquarters.

The Ruins
The Ruins at Night

Chicken Deli

To end our trip, we had chicken inasal at Chicken Deli. Ughhh, I can eat inasal every single day. Take me back!!

Chicken Inasal

We also had two other destinations but I didn’t have nice photos to prove we were there. We went to one of the seven man-made waterfalls of Mambukal. The other falls were already closed. We also went to a magic-themed secret bar in the city called The Trap Door Tasting Room. Getting there is the catch.  It’s located at 22nd street (Pizza Republic’s and Orange Carinderia’s parking lot). It was a fun experience.

I had many boo-boos during the trip. First, I lost the GoPro (which I got from winning a contest) on the beach. How, you ask? I did a flatlay, took a picture and left it on the beach! I only remembered to look for it hours later. By then, it was gone! 😂 I also accidentally locked my luggage using an old padlock I found in my bag. I had the padlock cut in a hardware store beside Chicken Deli during dinner. Nice people. 😘

Overall, our Bacolod trip was still “chill” despite these mishaps. It was nice to take a break for a bit, slow down and just do nothing. I know there’s a lot more to see so see you again, Bacolod! Maybe, next year!

Have you been to Bacolod? Where did you go? Most importantly, where did you eat? Any tips? Sharing is caring!

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