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Fight for My Way

I just started watching Fight for My Way on iFlix and I instantly fell in love with the show. I’ve heard this K-drama before from my friends who are addicted to all things Korean pero hindi ako nakinig at di ko pa rin pinanuod. 🙁 Hi friends, I know you’re proud of me.

I’ve been trying to avoid watching K-dramas simply because I have the tendency to obsess and be addicted. I used to be a K-drama drama addict during my younger years (Crunchy Roll!) Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I was a “Tita of K-drama”. And yes, I know all the K-dramas mentioned in the album below.

a thread of classic kdramas we missyou are one of the #TitasOfKdrama if you remember all of these haha

Posted by Annyeong Oppa on Sunday, October 1, 2017

I love Fight for My Way because I love the overall theme of fighting for childhood dreams. Ko Dong-man stopped pursuing his career in taekwondo and became a “doctor” for pests. Choi Ae-ra “the mic girl” had only one dream: to be a news announcer. Growing up, she forgets this dream and settles as a concierge girl. Circumstances would remind them about their lost dreams and would put them on a spot where they could start all over again. With nothing to lose, both would fight for they way to achieve their dreams!

The show is very relatable especially for young professionals like me. We all had ambitions written in our yearbooks that for some reason destiny didn’t permit to happen. I am now on Episode 6 wherein Seoul-hee (Seoulji) was seen by her mother being bossed around by Kim Joo-man’s family. I cried a lot in this episode. HUHU.

I’ve been to Korea many times, but it was my first time traveling to Busan last year. And as per request of my good friend April, I visited one of the filming locations of Fight for My Way. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for then so I didn’t take enough pictures (just the one below). I wish I could go back again and hunt the Fight for My Way filming locations like what I did with Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

Fight for My Way
The weather was really hot. :’)


How about you? Have you seen Fight for My Way? Share your favorite scene! Really, I wanna know!

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