Trekz Air Bone Conduction Headphones Review

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So… funny story: my sister was looking at a pair of Trekz Air headphones displayed at Digital Walker (not sponsored; most of my posts are not sponsored anyway). She was so excited to show it to me thinking it only cost Php 850, which made me excited as well. Later we discover (to both our horrors) that it was actually priced at Php 8,550. Fortunately (or sadly, depending on the perspective), this wasn’t enough to stop me from buying the product.

What Made Me Buy: Trekz Air by Aftershokz

Trekz Air by AfterShokz
Trekz Air by AfterShokz

Frankly, I haven’t heard about bone conduction before (and a day after) I bought the headphones. Bone conduction allows you to hear sound or, in our case, music through the vibration of the facial bones. The sound isn’t directly coming out to your ears, just the facial bones near your ears. It’s like having own personal set of mini speakers stationed on that spot. What made me buy was the fact that I could listen to music while still being aware of the outside world. 

We target fitness buffs says the packaging.

The product particularly targets fitness buffs like joggers who want to detach but obviously still need to know if a car is about to hit them, which I think is pretty important. I don’t jog but I do speed-walk on the city’s sidewalks. I don’t wear my earphones on the street either, ’cause ya’ know, IT’S UNSAFE. I know listening to music makes the commute less of a drag. Music brings me to a world where I’m the star of my own music video, singing and emoting surrounded by people rushing to their next destination. Nice noh? Okay, I think I justified having impulsively bought super expensive headphones. Have I mentioned that they’re wireless?

Unboxing My New Trekz Air

The box contains the headphones, a user manual, a set of earplugs (I didn’t expect that), the charger cord, a storage and maintenance manual, and a pouch. To connect the headphones to your device, just press the + volume button until the light starts blinking.

The Pros and The Cons

Pros: Trekz Air is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about your sweat dripping over it. It’s also easy to use and easy to connect to your devices via Bluetooth. (Thanks to the very direct-to-the-point user guide!) It’s also lightweight, and durable because it’s claimed to be made of titanium. It also has noise-cancelling “mode” but using the ear plugs. Not pretty to look at but I now understand why singers put their fingers to cover their ears and hear their voice.

Cons: Sound quality is not so good compared to my EarPods. It’s just okay but it does the job. The reviews I read said the bass was lacking. I also find the headphones a bit uncomfortable after using them for a long time.Then again, I haven’t owned headphones until now. You may also feel a tingly sensation against your skin. It’s all part of the technology!

Post-Purchase Feeling

After buying it and using it for a couple days, the regret level is low. I still feel that the Trekz Air would be useful for me at work, during commute and for the rare times I exercise. With how expensive it is, I might just jog and work out more. 😛

Have you tried bone conduction headphones before? Do you prefer it to the usual in-ear or on-ear earphones?

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