[UPDATED] AsNTM6: What We Know so Far

Maureen, Shikin and Tu, the final 3, in the Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 finale

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The newest season of Asia’s Next Top Model is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year again when AsNTM fans unite (or fight) as models from all over Asia fiercely smize their way to the top. AsNTM6 is coming soon to our TV screens so here’s what we know so far about the upcoming cycle of Asia’s. Next. Top. Model.

[Update] We learned something about the contestants. 💃

Find out where Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 is heading after the cut. Hint: it won’t be Singapore for the nth time! 🙌

1. Cindy Is Back! 🙌

Good news! Cindy Bishop is back. Cindy is arguably the best (and most fun) AsNTM host so far. Cindy seemed fair in her last couple of seasons in the judging panel. Bangkok is her home country so I’m sure she’ll be bringing her a-game even more. After all, she promises a bigger and better season!

2. Bangkok Is AsNTM’s New Home 🇹🇭

Whew! AsNTM6 is happening outside of Singapore and we couldn’t be happier. The show already exhausted all scenic and tourist spots in the Lion City that photoshoots became meh and meh-er. Last cycle viewers were asked to expect the unexpected but our expectations were pretty much shot down by an unexceptional cycle. Bangkok hopefully will spice things up. It’s a whole different environment and I have nothing but high hopes for the show. Amazing Thailand! 🧐

3. Third Time’s The Charm for #TeamThailand? 🏆

There are already two Asia’s Next Top Models from Thailand. As they say, wonderful things come in threes, and being in your home court puts you to a bit of an advantage (historically, that is, *ahem* Sheena.) After AsNTM Cycle 1’s Jessica and Cycle 4’s Tawan out-shined their respective contemporaries, will #TeamThailand bag its third AsNTM title this year?

4. “Models, models, models” is still gonna happen. 🗯🗯🗯

We will still hear the beautiful and catchy, almost to a fault, “models, models, models” chant echoing all around the model house. “Hooray!” says nobody. Yu Tsai is back for another season. 🤷‍♂️

5. New Cycle, New Partners

On their official website, two partners/sponsors are listed for this cycle. Of course, there’s the familiar official automobile partner Subaru. Expect Subaru boss Glenn Tan to make another appearance for a Subaru-themed photo/video shoot.

New for this cycle is AsNTM6’s official skincare partner Estetica ést.lab. Estetica Beauty is based in Singapore and has been providing beauty treatments for more than 30 years. ést.lab is the salon’s skincare and eye-care line.

6. Diverse Cast from All over Asia

Cindy and Yu Tsai during their Facebook Live already confirmed that AsNTM6 will feature a diverse cast of girls coming from different parts of Asia. The confirmed countries with representatives are: Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand (of course) and J-A-P-A-N. Wohoo!  The last Team Japan model was Barbara of cycle 4. I’m already so excited. They also mentioned that the line-up was a good mix of fierce and “sweet on the outside but strong in the inside” girls. These girls grew up watching AsNTM and learning the twists and turns of the show and modeling at the same time. Gosh, I feel old.

I’m also guessing there will still be D-R-A-M-A. When asked if the girls cried this season, Cindy answered “There were a lot of emotions going on”. OMG. They also emphasized that this cycle will not only focus on helping the girls become better models but also helping them find their own voice, their authenticity.

Sorry I didn’t finish the Facebook Live video, it was too noisy. 😅

BTW if you haven’t watched the previous cycle, or if you just want to re-watch to prepare for the next cycle, full episodes of AsNTM5 are still up on the official AsNTM Youtube channel. Here’s a playlist of all 13 episodes:

Watch out for the latest cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model coming soon on FOX Life. Are you excited for AsNTM6? Are you happy that the new cycle will be set in Bangkok? Are you happy about Cindy’s return? How about Yu Tsai’s?

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