Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 1 Review + Amiciness Picks

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Asia’s premiere modelling competition is back for Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 1 in Bangkok, Thailand! The Top 12 (yes, 12!) girls are getting their wild side on in their first photo shoot. Who gave in to their fears and who came out to be fierce? Read on for my Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 1 review and how the girls fared in their shoot this week.

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 1 “The Girl Who Can’t Scream” Recap

The girls were challenged to perform in a beauty shoot while handling a wild animal assigned to each one of them. Each one got a crocodile, an iguana, or a snake. Here are my favorite photos of the week starting with #1:

1. Beauty × 🦎

I agree with the judges’ score. This is definitely the best photo. The composition is perfect: the straight-ahead face, the arms framing said face and the iguana looking at her on the side. Her face and her eyes are the definition of fierce. Beauty is the one to beat, y’all!

Because this was a pretty solid photo shoot, I had a hard time ranking the next few photos. I settled on the following ranking, but they are all pretty close in my opinion.

2. Mia × 🐊

Stunning face, fierce look. She’s handling that crocodile like it’s just a handbag. You can detect no fear in her face at all.

3. Jachin × 🐍

Yaaaaassssss queen! Channeling “Slave 4 U”-era Britney! If only this photo were in focus, and not blurred. What’s up with that, show?!

4. Rubini × 🐍

It is quite obvious that she was petrified. It’s especially evident in her eyes. But I still had to rank this high because it is a stunning photo nonetheless.

5. Dana × 🐍

That snake wrapped around her is such a cool look. It looks like she’s naked and just wearing the snake as her top. Her face is stunning but I agree with the judges that her eyes tend to look sleepy, which is the opposite of the “wild things” brief.

6. Thanh Vy × 🦎

Can we talk about how that iguana is just casually hanging on her head like the perfect quirky headpiece. It wouldn’t look out of place as a head ornament in a royal wedding. 😂

7. Han × 🐊

For someone who was super scared of handling the crocodile, Han produced a beautiful photo. It’s less warrior, more princess though.

8. Adela × 🦎

Nothing bad but nothing special at the same time. Still a beautiful photo aside from the stiffness in the neck that the judges noted. I also like that her hand (although awkward) and the iguana’s are seemingly mimicking each other.

9. Iko × 🦎

I agree with Celina that the smirky crocodile is commanding all of your focus. The pose is pretty basic so she gets lost in the photo.

10. Sharnie × 🐊

It isn’t so bad. If it weren’t for her low challenge score I don’t think she would’ve been eliminated.

Just a thought, imagine yourself holding a baby crocodile (or any animal for that matter) so close to your face, will you scream even when Yu Tsai, Yu Tsai, Yu Tsai asked you to? 💁‍♂️

11. Pim × 🐍

Is this really the best photo they could have chosen for Pim, or did they intentionally choose a bad photo because of Yu Tsai’s complaining about her non-existent “attitude”? 🤔

12. Jesslyn × 🐊

Eek! What happened? Nothing in this photo evokes wild Amazonian warrior princess. I agree with Cindy. She looks amateurish. I hope she takes a better photo in the next shoot.

Out of the reptiles, I think the crocodile/s did the best, followed closely by the iguanas, and last the snakes. #CrocodileForFCO

Full Ranking

Now look at all of the girls’ best photos one more time. Tell me if you agree with my ranking in the comments below.

Cycle 6 Episode 1 Review

First of all, this was a pretty solid premiere episode. It has enough dramatic twists (too much at times) and excellent results from the photo shoots. I’m just so happy that we’re not in Singapore this cycle. I’ve only been to Bangkok once but I loved exploring the city while I was there. It’s lovely to see Cindy in her home city.

The New Look

It’s about time AsNTM updated its look. Everything looks fresh. The logo has been updated to the new one that’s being used in the mother franchise, America’s Next Top Model. Even though we’re still in a city setting, Bangkok just has a different vibe from the usual sights we see in Singapore in past cycles. The model house this cycle is probably the biggest one ever, plus the interior design and amenities are super chic.

The opening titles this cycle is… different. I noticed that the girls are wearing the same Vatanika outfits as in their promo shoots. But I don’t get the theme. Are they supposed to be in like a secret red light district club? That would be the only plausible explanation for Mia riding a swing all of a sudden. I still like last cycle’s better, though I do love that they kept the theme music with a slight remix. (Nothing’s worse than the Chandelier rip-off song in Cycle 3.)

Some things never change though… like the love-it-or-hate-it-but-mostly-hate-it #ModelsModelsModels. (And let our response be… #YuTsaiYuTsaiYuTsai.) They managed to make it a thing 3 times in just 1 episode!

The Alumni Mentors

I love seeing Monika, Tu and Shikin back on the show, especially since these girls were some of my favorites in their respective cycles. I just wished that they didn’t take too much of the screentime from the actual contestants of the show. Especially for the first episode of the cycle where we need to take time to get to know the girls. The three alumni mentors even got more screentime than early eliminated contestants Lena and Hody. Speaking of these two poor girls…

On Cruel Eliminations

What even was the point of having a Top 14 when you’re going to eliminate two of them mere minutes into the series. 😤 At least Maya from Cycle 4 got to visit the model house even for just a short time. Lena and Hody didn’t even get to ride on a Subaru! And what’s up with the clipboard elimination?

Jachin (confessional): “Who’s missing here?”

Lena: “Me.” #cruel 😂

I wish the selfie runway challenge was not edited as much. I for one couldn’t see who did well and who did not. And the judges didn’t comment about their runway challenge performance (even at the judging panel).

This episode could even hold the record for most number of eliminations in a single episode in Top Model history. (Top Model fans, please correct if I’m wrong!)

What’s Coming Up This Cycle 6

As is customary on Top Model, we get a quick sneak-peek montage at what’s coming up for the rest of the show. Based on that, there are at least seven girls who are for certain will be safe from elimination for the next two or so weeks. These girls are Beauty, Adela, Jachin, Mia, Dana, Pim and Thanh Vy. They feature in multiple photo shoots (other than the ones for Episodes 1 & 2). Iko and Rubini appear the fewest times, which might signal an early exit. 🙁

We get a quick look at some of the girls’ makeovers. Poor Han looks so much older than her age with the new (ahjumma) hair. 😤

We also get to see at least five distinct photo shoots in the coming episodes. First is the one in Episode 2 with the girls wearing black or white Black Swan-esque gowns.

There’s also another pair shoot which seems to be paying homage to Netflix’s GLOW.

And another pair shoot but this time with their model mentors. We see Dana and Monika on set together. Hair rollers and groceries are involved.

One photo shoot, which I’m calling the Godzilla shoot. You’ll see why:

Another one looks to be either a photo or video shoot with the girls looking glamorous. (Might be Subaru-related based on Jachin’s scene.)

One where the girls are wearing colorful wigs while suspended in the air. Getting flashbacks to Mia doing a similar shoot in Austria’s Next Top Model.

And last, where we are teased with what looks like the Top 5 doing a Subaru motion editorial shoot. We certainly know at least one of them is Mia. And I’m guessing the one throwing the torch is Dana.

Some of the challenges this season seem to involve the girls running around the streets of Bangkok (scavenger hunt? go-sees?), roller skating, and… dancing? There will be injuries/emergencies, including Mia during the roller-skating segment and Thanh Vy being carried by medical staff.

Here are some GIFs for your :

Adela in a The Office scene:

Cindy’s continuing foray into the stunts industry (after scaling a building last cycle) and the girls’ shocked reaction:

And a whole GIF section dedicated to Jesslyn: 😂

What do you think of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 1? Any particular thoughts on the episode? What was your favorite moment? Sound off in the comments below.

Also, don’t forget to vote for your favorite girl in the poll: Who should have been the FCO for Episode 1? Poll closes right before Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 2 on Wednesday, 9 p.m. on FOX Life.

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