First Impressions on Apple TV+


I received an email a few days ago telling me that I was qualified for a 1 year Apple TV+ subscription for FREE. This was one of the up-sides of losing my phone in New York and having bought a new one from Apple Store. Oh well, first time for everything. I’ll tell you all about it on a different post. I couldn’t resist the bait and so I signed up to the one year free subscription, and hopefully remember to cancel before it renews and my credit card get charged.

And so, here are my FIRST impressions on Apple TV+.

1. The interface looks chic but it’s not very dynamic. Borderline boring, actually.

The interface looks really expensive. It’s Apple. I’m not gonna comment about Apple TV+’s too much use of grey as what other color can we play around with? Right? But I guess, having the banner move every N seconds or so won’t hurt. Or adding an effect when I hover over one of the shows. Maybe I’m just comparing it too much vs. Netflix but yeah, I need more dynamics.

2. I can download episodes in my laptop.

Aside from the Apple TV+ app in my Smart TV, I also use the app in my Macbook. I can easily download episodes of The Morning Show something you can’t do in the web version of Netflix.

3. The Smart TV app doesn’t have a “Fast-Forward/Rewind 10 seconds” button.

At least on my TV. I use the fast-forward/rewind 10 seconds button A LOT in Netflix and Youtube that I get withdrawal syndrome when I watch regular TV. My attention span has become shorter and shorter and having to rewind the show manually takes time and emotionally taxing.

In addition, I don’t know if it’s just on my TV though but the title of each episode is flashed with the standard Apple font and in front of a colorful background. I don’t like it. HAHA! I’ll add a picture when I get the chance.

4. “The Morning Show” is a good show.


Honestly, I didn’t really like the first couple of episodes of “The Morning Show”. The premise was a little hard to get a hang on but once I got into the third and fourth episode, I was hooked. Not 100% of the time but nevertheless, hooked. Who doesn’t love Reese Witherspoon? Who doesn’t like Jennifer Aniston? (I don’t really like her character btw). HAHA! “The Morning Show” is a good show. It will take you time but it is a fairly good show.

Try subscribing to Apple TV+ and see what I mean. Buy a new Apple device and get a free one year subscription. Otherwise, pay $249 a month. This is not a sponsored post. I just don’t have anything else to post lately. HAHA. Besides, there are days when Netflix shows/movies get boring. It’s good to have an alternative. *wink*

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