Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2015 Models Registration

UPDATE: Registration closed for Holiday 2015. Watch out for Philippine Fashion Week on June 12-14 at SM Aura Premier. Gates open at 6:30 PM.

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2015 Models Registration Now Ongoing

Female models must be at least 5’9″ (1.75m)

Male models must be at least 6’0″ (1.8m)

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UPDATE: Registration closed for Holiday 2015. Watch out for Philippine Fashion Week on June 12-14 at SM Aura Premier. Gates open at 6:30 PM.

Filipino Teen Creates Shoes That Can Charge a Phone by Walking


A 15-year-old with an insatiable thirst for science has developed shoes that can charge your phone or any USB-powered device by simply walking.

Angelo Casimiro lives in the Philippines, a country still recovering from last fall’s Typhoon Haiyan.

“A lot of people are still suffering from poverty,” he says in a YouTube video in which he demonstrates his invention. Some people have no access to electricity, he adds. For them, “a simple source of light is big,” he says.

Now Angelo is creating a new way to generate power. He placed two pairs of physio-electric discs on the insole of each shoe. The discs produce energy when any type of pressure is placed on them. That energy is then channeled to a USB port, which an electronic device can plug in to.

“My insole generator does not use coils, motors, magnets, or anything that involves moving parts,” he explains. “We have a pair (of physio-electric discs) mounted back-to-back. When you make back-to-back pairs, you’re able to harvest twice the power.” (Read more)


Cool! Hoping that the government will support this invention before it’s too late.

Happy Independence Day! #SarapMagingPilipino

Foreigners turned Filipino Citizens tell their story on why they love to be Filipino. #SarapMagingPilipino

Kudos to the people behind this video. Great job!

Happy Independence Day everyone!

You, what is your story?

The Makahiya (Touch-Me-Not)

Scientific Name: Mimosa pudica

There was a scientific study on the Makahiya suggesting that the plant could store memories and actually learn.

Known to us all, the Makahiya folds its leaves when it is “touched”.

In the experiment, water was repeatedly dropped on the plant. Naturally, at first, it closed its leaves but after a few seconds, it realized that the water was no real danger and stopped folding its leaves.

The idea that plants could learn might need further research to prove but somehow, this could be a lesson to us all.That even plants have the capability to think. That plants also have lives. That our duty in this world is not only to consume but to preserve nature before it is too late.

#asntm #asntm2 @SheenaLiam

One word: G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS. This shot would fit in a The Great Gasby-esque movie. Big hair. Sparkly gowns. Shiny jewelry. I love it!

Sheena embodies glamour, looking like she’s enjoying the sights and sounds of the city while bringing glitz and sparkle to liven up the nightlife.

Sheena hasn’t had a best photo so far. This, I think, is indeed one of her personal bests.

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Is Sheena Asia’s Next Top Model? Do you think she deserved best photo for this shoot?