Amiciness’ Stand on Boxing [Parody]

Amiciness on “Boxing”

Common sense lang. Makakakita ka ba ng any animals na makikipagsapakan para lang sa isang gintong sinturon at sa pera? Mas mabuti pa yung hayop. *snickers* Hindi marunong makipagpatayan para lang sa pera.

O di ba? O ngayon, kung makikipagsapakan tayo sa ibang tao para lang manalo ng isang gintong sinturon, para sa pera, e mas masahol pa sa hayop ang tao.

Begrudgingly inspired by Rep. Manny Pacquiao‘s (currently running for Senate) stand on same-sex marriage:

Read more: Pacquiao compares gays to animals, draws flak on social media (

Seriously, what do we expect from absentee congressman Manny Pacquiao. How many bills and laws has he authored or passed again? I’m even more disappointed at the people defending his “very scientific” statements. The LGBT community has been bullied all their lives and we don’t need a reminder, from a very public and influential figure no less, of how ignorant and narrow some people are.

UPDATE: It seems Manny has backtracked and “apologized.” *air quotes* He’s sorry for the animal comparison but he’s not changing his stance on same-sex marriage. K.

What’s your stand on boxing? Do you also think doing it makes us much worse than animals?

Oh and, if it isn’t clear yet, Amiciness is NOT endorsing Manny Pacquiao or his candidacy in any form whatsoever.

The Journey of 4th Impact So Far

I am definitely a fan of 4th Impact, not because they are Filipino, but because I believe in their talent. The sisters have joined quite a number of singing contests in local TV (too many, in fact). Some of them are sane enough to recognize “true” talent and determination while some are not. They’ve been featured in different TV shows and brought home gold medals from the World Championship of the Performing Arts (WCOPA). They even joined a South Korean TV talent competition (and learned Korean songs week by week) but success has still been elusive.

4th Impact (formerly 4th Power) First Auditions, X Factor
4th Impact (formerly 4th Power) First Auditions, X Factor

I am one of the many witnesses (along with other local television fanatics) of Almira, Mylene, Irene and Celina’s journey to the international stage via The X Factor and I get it now—they’ve been preparing all their lives for this big moment.

I’ve compiled 4th Impact’s most memorable videos in this post and this will be updated as they continue their journey in The X Factor. Good luck, Girls!

Elimination Week 5 of The X Factor, 2015

After singing for their “life”, the public vote chose Lauren Murray to move on to the next round. The girls were still thankful (as always) to the British public for giving them the opportunity to stay as far as they did in the competition. You could hear Celina saying in Filipino “Di ako makahinga (I can’t breathe).” before Almira said their final goodbyes. Shortly after the show ended, Celina collapsed and was brought to the hospital. Reportedly, she is now doing OK.

And I Am Telling You – Week 5 Sing-off of The X Factor, 2015

4th Impact and Lauren Murray were the bottom two. The two acts sang for their lives. 4th Impact sang a Jennifer Holiday original while Lauren did a Mariah classic. Simon mentioned that this was the best sing-off they’d ever had (for this season, I guess). The girls did a wonderful job, which got Simon and Cheryl (of course), to vote for them while Lauren had Rita and Grimmy behind her back.

Fancy/Rich Girl Mash-up – Live Week 5 of The X Factor, 2015

Each contestant had two performances each. 4th Impact’s 2nd performance was an Iggy Azalea/Gwen Stefani mash-up. Finally, Simon got to see individuality and was able to remember their names (thanks to those poorly designed boxes). I agree with Rita: the boxes and the styling were eye-sores. Geez… BUT, the performance was on point as always. Great job girls!

I’ll Be There – Live Week 5 of The X Factor, 2015

It’s Jukebox Week in X Factor. 4th Impact sang I’ll Be There. We got what we wanted and more. The girls sounded great and Almira showcased her whistle register a.k.a. the Dolphin Note. I wish the background image was better though. Flowers, really? Is it just me or Irene teared up after performance (like last week)? I’m guessing she had tears of joy because they’d sang this song a million times before but not on a stage as big as X Factor’s. You deserve it, girls!

What is your favorite 4th Impact performance so far? Any song in particular you would like them to sing? 

More 4th Impact Performances After the Jump!

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2014 Bar Exams Results Released

Philippines — The day all law students have been waiting for. After a month of examinations in October, the Supreme Court of the Philippines has finally released the results of the Bar Exams today, March 26, 2015.

1,126 out of 5,984 who completed the Bar Exams (18.82%) passed this year. The top 10 of the highest grades this year are as follows:

Name School Grade
1 Irene Mae B. Alcobilla San Beda College-Manila 85.5%
2 Christian A. Drilon Ateneo de Manila University 85.45%
3 Sandra Mae T. Magalang University of the Philippines 84.6%
4 Mark Leo P. Bejemino University of the Philippines 84.55%
Gil E. Garcia II Ateneo de Davao University 84.55%
Reginald L. Laco De La Salle-Lipa 84.55%
5 Michelle D. Liao University of Cebu 84.5%
6 Jose Angelo A. David San Beda College-Manila 84.45%
7 Adrian F. Aumentado San Beda College-Manila 84.35%
8 Rhey David S. Daway University of the Philippines 84.2%
Fideliz Cardellie B. Diaz Far Eastern University-DLSU (Juris Doctor-MBA) 84.2%
9 Jamie Liz F. Yu University of the Philippines 84%
10 Tristan Matthew T. Delgado Ateneo de Manila University 83.95%

San Beda College-Manila‘s Irene Mae Alcobilla topped this year’s exams, along with two other alums in the top 10.

The names of the 1,126 students who passed the 2014 Bar Exam are listed on the Supreme Court website.

Congratulations to all the Bar passers! Special congratulations are in order for Amiciness‘s dear friend Tristan Delgado for that Top 10 finish. We never doubted for a minute that you will get top marks. And indeed you did! 🙂

2014 Bar Exams Top Ten

Think Before You Click: “Viral” Stories

Today I read a “viral” news from my Facebook newsfeed, recently picked up by ABS-CBN News (“VIRAL: Man walks away after woman trips on his bag”), about an incident in a local airport. For me, what happened was a mere lapse in judgement. The man decided not to help a woman in the accident he indirectly caused. It could generally be considered as rude but you can’t really call that “injustice.” The man should have went back, helped and apologized. On the other end, maybe he saw that airport staff were already helping the woman and out of embarrassment, he decided to leave.

Well, that’s my opinion and I’m like every netizen crawling in the web waiting for the next news to arrive. Once it catches my attention regardless if I’ve seen/read the video/article, I would immediately repost it on my wall along with my unsolicited opinion.

Think before you click. This is something that we Filipinos have been hearing for quite some time now. But really, do Filipino netizens think before they click? In this incident, viewers can only judge by the video, which by the way has no audio. Even if it does have audio, we are only seeing one angle to the whole story. Giving our own opinion without knowing the whole story is a dangerous affair. Moreover, we are irresponsibly putting these people in a public trial.

I am not siding with anyone. I just want to emphasize that the internet is a very powerful tool. It can make or break someone’s reputation. Before sharing or posting something, we should consider how it affects others especially the people in the video.

The internet is sadly becoming a venue for selfish rants and biased complaints (I’m also guilty and I’m not saying that this story is). It’s just disappointing that news sites have to pick up viral stories to stir the emotions and opinions of their readers. I read somewhere that, because of the internet, the demand for news has become 24/7 and naturally, quality is one of the obvious trade-offs.

I can’t help but think if mainstreaming viral stories is a way for the media to distract netizens and the general public from the more pressing issues happening in the country.

Just my thought. What are your thoughts on this matter?