Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Finale “The Girl Who Had A Roller Coaster Ride” Recap

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Finale premieres tonight 9 P.M. on FOX Life, and simulcast on the FOX+ app (country availability may vary). Who among Adela, Dana and Mia will become Asia’s Next Top Model. 👏

If you haven’t watched the last non-recap episode, check out the Amiciness recap of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 8 “The Girl Who Is Left Hanging”.

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Tonight, we’re going to find out who will be Asia’s Next Top Model.

Photo Shoot: The Celebration

The Top 3 girls are met by Cindy and Yu Tsai at The Apothecary. And they’ve prepared a surprise for the girls: their loved ones are here! They’re not just here to support the Top 3 girls, but they’ll also be in the photo shoot with them. Yu Tsai will be the photographer.

  • Mia with her 2 aunts
  • Adela with her friend and cousin
  • Dana with her mother and brother

Yu Tsai wants to see authenticity in the photos.

The girls get to have dinner with the rest of the eliminated girls. By eliminated girls, I mean just the Top 12. Because the show doesn’t even acknowledge Hody’s and Lena’s existence. 😅

Final Runway: Paradiso

The girls are having their final runway in the Marriott. And as usual the eliminated girls, their model mentors, and Cindy will walk the runway with them. Another pep talk from Glenn Tan. And some more screentime with Glenn as he gives Cindy the key to the Subaru XV price.

The final panel includes Cindy and Yu Tsai, Harper’s Bazaar Thailand EIC, Ruby Adler from Storm Model Management, and Pia Wurtzbach.

Who is Asia’s Next Top Model? And the winner is…

👑 AsNTM Cycle 6 Winner: Dana (from this cycle’s venue, Thailand)

What did you think of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Finale? Do you think the right girl won? What was your favorite part of the episode? Sound off in the comments below.

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