No, it’s not too late to post about my Batanes Trip.

Going to Batanes has always been a dream since the time I first saw the music video of Tara Na! Biyahe Tayo! (by Various Artists— HA!). This song really molded my travel goals. Revival please!! Like most of my trips, I impulsively booked this flight on a lazy idle afternoon made possible by another seat sale and my credit card points. I’m glad I did as Batanes was indeed, as they say… breathtaking. And no, it’s not too late to post about my Batanes Trip even if it’s just random ramblings and utter nonsense. :p

Sabtang Island
Batanes is known for its spectacular views so make sure to bring your cameras.

The two hour airplane ride was a breeze contrary to everyone’s perception. Maliit ang plane, nakakatakot. Di naman! The pilot who was a little too enthusiastic in having us see Banaue Rice Terraces from miles above was rather entertaining. See a very magulo video below.

My friends and I booked our tours ahead but I think it wouldn’t be a problem if you choose not to (except for big parties, I guess). Basically, all tours are the same. They cover Batan North, Sabtang Island & Batan South. In our case, we had different tour guides with very different photography skill levels so pardon if my pictures are mostly from Day 2. HAHA! Speaking for our guides, the iPhone’s Portrait mode is preferred when taking pictures. Maganda nga naman so make sure you bring one. #ThankYouPo #NotSponsored

Taking photos were much simpler pre-Instagram.

I miss the days when taking excursion travel photos were basically just the whole family smiling and standing in front of a view. Solo shots were non-existent back in the ole-days. Now, taking photos consume so much time as it’s done one-by-one. I kinda envy my mom. She had gone to Batanes before the smartphone era.

Kapagod magpose.
The camera was just a prop. Kidding! Portrait mode rocks!

My ultimate goal in going to Batanes was to wear the vakul, which I learned was only for women while kana-i was for men. The vakul and the kana-i are made from  vuyavuy palm fiber and are used to protect the Ivatans from the sun and rains. Both can be rented in Sabtang Island while you stroll the old stone houses.

I also bought a basket as a prop. #dedication
Wearing my Uniqlo mustard shirt kahit madami akong katerno.
So what if you’re single, right? Panorama shot after the nth try. Thanks Kuya Lawrence (our day 2 tour guide)!

Di ba?!

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