About Amiciness

Amiciness is founded on the premise that a group of friends can change the world one post at a time. Amici in Italian means friends and ness, a suffix that brings cuteness to the word. HAHA! Honestly, it’s just hard to find an available domain name.

Kidding aside, our vision is to change the world because, at one point or another, we, including you our readers, have dreamed of doing so and might have forgotten. Plus, we are frustrated writers since high school. Mabuhay ang Kapisanang Aklat Diwa at Panitik!

We are advocates of the environment, art, fashion and everything that requires passion and dreaming.

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For inquiries, suggestions and collaborations, email us at amiciness@gmail.com.

The Team


Gabby (@gabbyparas), a full-time dreamer with a heart for everything under (and over) the sun.

Gillian (@gilliandugay) is Amiciness’ resident web and graphic designer.

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