About Amiciness


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Amiciness is a blog where we talk about what interests us, which also hopefully interests you too. We mostly write about pop culture: the latest in television, movies, and theatre. We also love to travel and document our experiences here and abroad both in blog posts and videos.

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The Name

Amiciness is founded on the premise that a group of friends can change the world one post at a time. In Italian, amici means friends. The -ness suffix just brings that extra cuteness to the word. Honestly though, it was just difficult to find a domain name that’s (a) available and (b) catchy enough. Thus, Amiciness. 😂

The Dream

Kidding aside, our vision is to change the world. Because at one point in our lives, we, including you, our readers, have dreamed of doing so and might have forgotten. Plus, we’ve been frustrated writers since high school. Mabuhay ang Kapisanang Aklat Diwa at Panitik! (Sorry, it’s a bit of an inside joke! 😋)

The Team


Gabby is a full-time dreamer with a heart for everything under (and over) the sun. He writes the posts both on this blog and on social media.

Gillian is the resident web and graphic designer. He designed the logo and the website. He also edits the videos on our Instagram and Youtube pages.

For content suggestions, business inquiries and collaborations, reach us at amiciness⚓gmail.com.

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