In Defense of “Nuisance” Candidates

In defense of “nuisance” candidates, it’s not their fault that they are “qualified” to run for the president of this country. It’s not their fault that the registration process is flawed. Diyan naman magaling ang Pilipinas, after mag file ng mga kandidato and even after manalo, saka kukuwestiyunin ang eligibility. Look at Grace Poe for example. I am not a supporter or anything. I don’t really care about her pero the fact that the government allowed her to be an MTRCB chairman (big mistake pows!) and senator, ano naman kaibahan nu’n sa pagiging presidente? Mawawala na ang bearing ng argument na tinakwil n’ya ang pagiging Pilipino kasi nga nagsilbi na siya as a public servant of the Republic of the Philippines. Stop questioning what should have been assumed as valid years ago. Kung ganyan din lang, eh di dapat i-revisit natin ang filing of candidacy requirements. Kung hindi n’yo gusto ang mga kandidato na nagfifile, then revise the minimum requirements. Taasan ang standards. Lagyan ng minimum tenure as a public servant. I-specify na bawal ang mga unknown people to run. I-specify na once you go American, you can’t go back. Ilagay na dapat na either anak lang ng pulitiko o ng isang artista ang p’wede maging presidente. I-specify niyo lahat ‘yan please para malinaw at walang angal. We can laugh at these “nuisance” candidates (guilty), call them names or whatever but one thing’s for certain, they believe in change and they believe that it can start from themselves. One more thing, they’re doing something about it.

We all want change. We all know we need change pero what we lack is action. Puro tayo Twitter at trending topics (which deserves another post, btw) pero ano nga ba ginagawa natin para sa pagbabago? Puro tayo post about Heneral Luna at kung paano nito ginising ang dugong makabayan natin pero ano nga ba ang ginagawa natin para sa pagbabago? 



Friendly Reminder: Click the Link Before Commenting

In the age of free Facebook, netizens without data plans plague the World Wide Web with misinformed comments and totally bizarre violent reactions. People tend to judge an article by the title, the caption, the default picture or simply the comments of other people. This is why some articles get the attention that they don’t need or deserve. This is also why some people are gullible to hoax articles. You see a picture of a corpse of a fallen angel; assumes that the judgment day is near so you go to confession and hypocritically do penance. Little did you know that the picture was just from an arts exhibition. Take the case of the picture below, you see a pile of garbage and you immediately assume that where it is taken. Well, you are wrong. The article is also not about that.

I’m not attacking anyone but I do feel offended when someone comments on a post without thinking. Though we are all entitled to our own opinions, let’s make a conscientious effort to know the whole story first. Read. Be informed. Be responsible. Do not be a public nuisance. Don’t make yourself look dumb as you already are. The brain is the most important organ in our body. I plead everyone to use it.

A Simple Request to ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5 and Other Local Channels

Dear ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5 and other local channels:

I’ll make this post short. I would just like to request for you to please stop accepting political propaganda ads at least not at this time. I know. I know. These ads are not illegal. No laws are being broken because the ads do not explicitly use the term “vote” or whatever the legal loophole is.

Finding loopholes through technicalities: This is something we Filipinos, not just politicians, are good at. Hangga’t may butas, lusot lang. Okay lang na di ako mag-seatbelt sa kotse, wala namang makakakita. Okay lang na uminom ako at magdrive, di naman ako lasing. Okay lang na damihan ko ang unli-twirl sa Family Mart kahit di ko maubos, binayaran ko naman ‘yun eh. Sige lusot pa!

We have this natural tendency to justify wrong actions. May nalalaman pa tayong lesser evil ek ek. Siguro, mayroong mga gray area na applicable ‘to. Pero sa usapan ng eleksyon at estado ng bansa natindi na pwede ang trial and error! Konti na lang lulubog na tayong lahat.

We need to have this rare quality to not choose the lesser evil, but instead create something for the greater good. Strategize. Think of the long term. Consider what will happen to the future generations. ‘Pag pumutol ba ako ng puno, may epekto ba ‘to? ‘Pag nagtambak ako ng lupa sa dagat, okay lang ba ‘yun? Parang dati binabasa ko pa nung bata ako ang mga signage ng The Four Way Test ng Rotary Club, thinking “Wow! Tama ‘yung mga tanong. Dapat i-memorize ko ‘to para pagtanda ko.” Pero tumanda na ako’t lahat, di naman siya nasusunod.

Local channels, you should choose to be the greater good. Ang contradicting lang kasi. You campaign for clean elections but then you show political ads that obviously would affect the outcome of the elections. Tapos ‘yung iba pa sa inyo may affiliation sa politics. It’s time to do the greater good: TV is a powerful medium. Politicians pay you to run their ads. You could choose to turn them down. Naturingan pa namang may news and public affairs department kayo. The public is who you should protect, not the politicians who have money to throw at you. I guess you are also businesses, and you also need money. Their money. But wait! Those come from taxpayers’ money too. Our money. You should know better.

Maybe, this is just a way for you to be fair. Politicians have free speech rights too. Or maybe to show TV viewers which future candidates have the highest campaign funds. There might be a correlation between high funds and possible corruption in the future. I don’t know.

I really don’t know.


Help for Enzo’s Healing and Recovery

Enzo is a young 10-year-old boy whose health has been worsening for the past few months. His parents Michael and Marian have put up a YouCaring fundraiser page to help support their child’s continued medical care and hospitalization.

An excerpt from the parents’ message:

We are so grateful for the many prayers and support that we’ve been receiving. It is heart-warming to know that many are with us as we go through these trying times. We hope you could continue to join us in prayer for Enzo’s complete healing and immediate recovery and that he can be home soon. We also humbly appeal to your generous hearts as we are in dire need of financial assistance for Enzo’s hospital bills and medical expenses. Any aid will be much appreciated and would go a long way in helping our son be well again.

Click on the “Donate Now” button on the widget below, or visit the fundraiser page for more details on how to help. UPDATE: Online donations are currently unavailable due to issues with Paypal. You may still continue to donate via the Philippine bank accounts, or contact the parents via email or Facebook.

You may also deposit to the following Philippine bank accounts:

PSBank Account Number: 141-11-1-01568-8
Account Name: Michael Stephen or Marian Louise Mariano
Account Type: Savings
Swift Code: PHSBPHMM

Metrobank Account Number: 066-7-066-40040-5
Account Name: Marian Louise Mariano
Account Type: Current
Swift Code: MBTCPHMM

Or get in touch with the parents:

Email Address: and/or
FB Messenger: Marian Ferrer-Mariano and/or Michael Mariano

Please support this fundraiser and save a child’s life. Every donation, however large or small, counts.