Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Top Picks

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 starts with the first rehearsals next week already began with their first rehearsals in Kyiv, Ukraine, so I’m kinda late to the party this year. But however late I may be, I still wish to present to you my Top 10 favorites for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Before we proceed here’s a refresher on all the entries joining Europe’s biggest music contest this year (except Russia):

Now it’s time to Celebrate Diversity with my top picks for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. “Thanks for amazing show,” as many a spokesperson has quipped. 😂 Here are the points from the  Amiciness jury… (Kidding, I’m only one person! 😳)

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My Favorites of Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Another year, another Eurovision. This year, for Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Europe (and some other Asian countries plus Australia) is coming together in Stockholm, Sweden this year after the country’s victory in 2015 with Måns Zelmerlöw and the song “Heroes.”

Sweden's Måns Zelmerlöw won the Eurovision Song Contest last year. Also on photo is 2014's winner Conchita Wurst. (Elena Volotova, EBU)
Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw won the Eurovision Song Contest last year. Also on photo is 2014’s winner Conchita Wurst. (Elena Volotova, EBU)

I went through and listened to all 43 participating entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and I have trimmed the list down to my top 10 favorites this year:

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Zayn is Back!

Zayn performs "It's You" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (via Teen Vogue)

I missed seeing Zayn and hearing his beautiful voice. I might have teared up a bit during his debut performance of his latest single “It’s You” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It’s the first time he’s performing solo on television!

I remember when the news broke that my favorite member Zayn Malik was leaving One Direction and I was devastated. But not as devastated as my sister was. She was crushed. She even wore a hat for several days, saying it was her way of mourning Zayn’s leaving the group. One Direction was never the same without Zayn, we both said.

I’m so proud of Zayn, now that he can do the music he enjoys and likes. I’m excited to hear the rest of his songs on his first EP Mind of Mine. Can’t wait for more of Zayn!

Sponge Cola – (Pero) Pangako Ko | Google Mo Lang

Below is a video of Sponge Cola‘s new song (Pero) Pangako Ko| Google Mo Lang and I ACTUALLY APPEARED IN THE VIDEO! *cryin* This is for a series of Google app commercials similar to Bogart The Explorer Presents Google Mo Lang Trip ng Barkada Epic Video.

Google Mo Lang
WHUT!?? 😀 Google Mo Lang!

Flashback! I think it was exactly a month ago when I saw a post from the band’s FB account. It has always been my dream to be in an MTV and better yet, a Sponge Cola music video. I wasn’t able to join the Makapiling Ka video contest before and that really frustrated me. After watching the contest mechanics, I convinced Gillian (Resident Web Designer and Editor of Amiciness) to join in. He didn’t have a choice actually. HAHA. BUT, we didn’t have the time and location! To make it worse, I didn’t have a girl friend willing to be the female lead. Fortunately, we managed. (Spoiler alert: The female lead has long black hair. :D)

Impulsively, we decided to book a hotel room that coming weekend and just shoot. Bahala na (kahit mahal)! We brainstormed for a week to the point of overthinking every detail. Bahala na talaga! Three more friends (Kim, Nikko and Ernan) were also kind enough to help make the props and engineer the lights (read: hold the flashlight). I’m forever grateful, friends!! Shooting was not as easy as I imagined but it was so much fun. At last, nagamit din ang mga acting workshop! 😀

I always wanted to see myself on TV and this is as close as it gets.

The song is AMAZING by the way!

Thank you so much, Sponge Cola.

Sponge Cola: Yael’s Birthday Show (in Snaps)

For those who know me, you’d know that there are only two active bands that I follow devotedly. One is One Direction and the other is Sponge Cola. I think these two are the only bands that have songs I know by heart. Odd combination but it’s true.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I have been a fan of Sponge Cola and their songs since their first album, Palabas. I think I have all their albums except for the special edition of the debut album and thanks to a friend, they’re all signed by Yael (Yey!). The band has been a suki of my alma mater, LSM during school fairs and other fundraising events. Since then, I’ve never been to an actual gig except one time during a U-Break in DLSU in 2007 and just this year in a school fair in St. Paul Pasig. I also lost touch because our new cable operator didn’t have MYX. Fortunately, social media managed to do wonders of keeping people like me informed, though I miss reading updates via the band’s official Yahoo group.

Sponge Cola

Last Friday, November 22, I went to my first Sponge Cola gig in Teatrino in Greenhills, with special guests, Karylle, Jane Oineza, Jhong Hilario, Noel Comia, Cha-Cha Cañete and Chris Cantada. Incidentally, it’s Yael’s Birthday Show. Woohoo! I love his Jon Snow hair BTW. I went to the concert alone and was seated at the balcony beside all of Yael’s relatives including her mom. I wish my mom was as proud of me as she was of Yael. She was singing and clapping along. She listened intently especially during Makapiling Ka. I didn’t know it was dedicated to her. I love the song even more now! The event was hosted by #NoFilter‘s Khalil Kaimo who took care of the raffle and trivia contest. Too bad my number wasn’t called, I was prepared to sing Nakapagtataka. Hahaha! I had only taken a few (very short) videos and pictures). My phone was dying and I had to reserve my battery to grab an Uber going home. No regrets there. However, I also didn’t get to take a picture with Sponge Cola especially Yael. I tried to fall in line but I went home anyway. 🙁


As the band performed songs from past albums, I was reminded of the memories attached to those songs. The singles from Palabas reminded me about high school. I remember how our whole class sang Jeepney on the bus ride to the retreat house, how my seat mate always sang Lunes‘ chorus repeatedly. And I mean, repeatedly. The times I voted for Una in the MYX Daily Top Ten. The friend who gave me the album as an exchange gift became somebody that I used to know.  And the endless wondering about the title of my favorite Palabas song, 22. Bakit nga ba 22?! Sa tuwi-tuwina………na #Mindboggledsince2004

I listened to Transit in college when I was studying and staying up all night. I played the album out loud to keep me awake. I played Sa Bingit ng Isang Paalam on repeat while crying when I failed one of my engineering math subjects. I could not count how many times the album looped on my iTunes. That’s probably close to how many times I was on the verge of failing. (Fortunately, I survived HAHA!) The third album was also memorable since Ange, my only Sponge Cola fan-friend in college moved to Canada. If I could remember correctly, I think I tried and failed to send the songs to her via YM due to poor internet connection. *sighs* Those were the days.

Heypie bertdey!!

In more recent times, Kailangan Kita came out when I was already working. More specifically, when I found out that I was not going to be promoted. I got really sad and affected so I did what I had to do to be happy. I found a promotional post on Facebook/Twitter so I downloaded the single on iTunes and it even got me a fan sign from Yael. It really made me happy. I listened to the song until the hurt was gone. :’)

One of the things that make Sponge Cola great is that its fanbase in 2004 is still part of its fanbase now. A school concert starring Sponge Cola was my first concert and, this year, I accompanied my sister at her school. The ten/eleven-ish year gap not only makes me feel old but it also reminds me how Sponge Cola managed to transcend generations through the years.

Here’s Sponge Cola: Yael’s Birthday Show in Snapchat view. Sorry I was not as witty as I should have been. I was trying to enjoy the moment.

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I was waiting all my life to hear Una  (and this part) live. HAHA

Listen to Sponge Cola’s latest single from GMA7’s Dangwa.