Cast of American idiot Credits to: Samantha Godinez Valenciano

Singing The Revolution: Green Day’s American Idiot Review1

Cast of American idiot Credits to: Samantha Godinez Valenciano

Picture this: You’re resting from walking your dog in the parks of Bonifacio Global City. You notice the HD LED billboards and you wish you have those at home to watch Game of Thrones. And while you wait for the dear baristas to finish crafting your Jamba Juice, you hear a familiar electric guitar riff. Then the drums kick in. It’s the first few bars of Green Day’s song “American Idiot.”

Globe and 9WT's American Idiot - Holiday Scenes
American Idiot is a feast for the eyes (and ears).
The South East Asian première of Green Day’s American Idiot breaks barriers as it brings the theater experience outside of a regular theater. The show transforms the BGC High Street Amphitheater to a humongous theater-slash-concert stage where Filipino talent and technology converge to bring entertainment and the arts to the public. Personally, I haven’t seen anything like the American Idiot stage. When I first arrived at the venue, I was immediately amazed at the scale of this production—the first of its kind in the Philippines. Two super high-definition billboards tower on both sides of the stage. LED screens shaped like lightning skyscrapers on center stage serve as dynamic backdrop. Three-level scaffolding on both sides of the stage becomes the cast’s playground, strategically placed to give height and depth to the biggest outdoor theater stage I’ve ever seen. No kidding! Having witnessed it firsthand, it’s really really impressive.

Globe and 9WT's American Idiot - The Stage
Rockers’ playground. Wow.
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Songs to Watch Out for in Green Day’s American Idiot+

9 Works Theatrical and Globe Telecom are partnering to give you Green Day’s American Idiot. And we won’t have to wait very long to witness this amazing theater experience. But before its opening night this June 24, let’s take a listen at some of the songs that I’m most looking forward to listening live.

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Green Day’s American Idiot to Set Stage on June 24!1

9 Works Theatrical and Globe Telecom are partnering to give you Green Day’s American Idiot. That’s right, for the first time ever Globe is co-producing (and not sponsoring!) a theater production with 9WT nonetheless. I attended the press conference last May and I was lucky to be one of the first to witness the talent set to rock Manila this June 24. Check out a snippet of their performance of “21 Guns” below. I had goosies you guys!

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Why Try Theater Workshops+

Theater workshops might not be the top of mind summer activity for your kids (if you have kids), for your siblings and even for you. Well, that was the case for me. I wasn’t really exposed to performance arts when I was younger. I had only been enrolled in a summer swimming class once. Maybe the reason’s financial or that summer classes aren’t as easy to find back in my day (90s HAHA excuse me). My only “experience” in theater then was being cast as a bird in Aladdin in fourth grade. I got sick so I didn’t really make it to the show. *sighs*

My first theater workshop was in April-May 2014 under 9 Works Theatrical. I got hooked instantly that I enrolled the next year again. Needless to say, I loved it!

Here’s a few of my main reasons why you should TRY theater workshops.

This image was from our last year’s showcase Lucky Stiff. Fun times!

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Must Watch: 50 Shades! The Musical Parody+

50 Shades! The Musical Parody has been extended until March 20! If I were you, I’ll be running to get my tickets now! (Or just get it online, sorry, I’m trying to be fit.) I was lucky to catch one of its few remaining shows last Sunday. It was a breath of fresh air especially after watching Les Mis the night before. (I felt Eponine a little too much. #spiritanimal) I was not really expecting anything. I did manage to finish the first Fifty Shades book, but I couldn’t stand the other two so I just gave them away to charity. Kidding! Relax. I gave the books to a friend, an adult friend! I did like the movie, though it bored me in most parts except the sexy stuff, duh.

Amiciness with 50 Shades' dancer-actors
Speaking of sexy stuff…
The musical parody, however, was in a different league. I knew it would be funny but I didn’t know that I would be laughing the whole time. It wasn’t just me. The whole auditorium was laughing out loud. Everyone, adults of all ages (of course, no one below 18 was allowed). There was even a group at the back that couldn’t stop laughing even when everybody had already stopped. It was then when I realized that everyone got the jokes, even the kinkiest ones. The show bonded (pun unintended!) and equalized the audience. In some way or level, we each had thought about sex like how Christian Grey did.

The ladies of 50 Shades Manila
Anastasia Steele and the Book Club Ladies
The musical opens with a lady’s book club deciding to read Fifty Shades of Grey. Through their interpretation of the novel, the audience is led on a hilarious roller coaster ride of this unlikely bestseller. The show is full of dance numbers, 11 original songs and a live band backing the performances. Original songs include “How Much Can I Take,” “I Don’t Make Love,” and “There’s a Hole Inside of Me.” I love “There’s a Hole Inside of Me.” It can almost be a classic pop song and Anastasia’s voice is Disney material. Trivia: The actress Brenna Wahl did work for Hong Kong Disneyland!

My friends and I with the talented and awesome cast of #50ShadesManila
My friends and I with the talented and awesome cast of #50ShadesManila
The cast features foreign actors with amazing voices! (fresh from the Las Vegas and New York productions) namely Brenna Wahl, Greg Kata, Chloe Williamson, Kaitlyn Frotton, Chris Hodgson, Casey Renee Rogers and Isaac Saleh. Our very own talented thespians Bituin Escalante, Karel Marquez, Lorenz Martinez, George Schulze, and Julz Savard also join the riot. Last Sunday, the only Filipinos were Bituin and George. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! <3 The actor playing Christian Grey (I won’t tell you who, it’s one of the surprises) was also a stand-out!

50 Shades! The Musical Parody Manila Poster

If you’re looking for something different to do this weekend, have fun with this one-of-a-kind musical that will make you laugh out loud, open your eyes, and fill that hole inside of you. Catch 50 Shades! The Musical Parody, from Vivre Fort Entertainment and 9works Theatrical, on its last week (March 18, 19, 20) at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City. I promise, you won’t regret it!

PS. I can never look at white ribbons the same way again. 😱