Amiciness Goes on a VL: Davao, Philippines

Last August, a friend from Canada returned to the Philippines for a vacation. Her hometown was Davao so like any good impulsive friend, I, along with friends from college, booked a flight and flew to the south again. This was my third trip to Davao and my barkada have already been there at least once, so we decided to just make the trip as relaxing as possible. (Our young professional bodies were VERY tired!) In our own terms, we wanted to make it a “Lola Trip.” No offense meant to grandmas, of course. We love y’all! Well, things didn’t turn out as planned.

Duterte House
A trip to Davao isn’t complete without visiting the president’s house.

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Instaworthy Spots for Your Korean Autumn Trip

I know early birds are already harvesting the fruits of their seat-sale bookings ’cause I was one of them. I just came back from my Korean Autumn Trip in Seoul, South Korea. Of course, I had an awesome time! I enjoyed taking pictures and flooding my Instagram feed with fun posts and minus a Seoul-pun hashtag. #SorryNotSorry

Searching for my Seoul-mate. Anyone? (Seoul Forest)

Autumn in Korea is not just about Nami Island. It’s so much more! Before winter comes, make your autumn trip worthwhile with this set of instaworthy spots in and around Korea.

Autumn in Korea
Binato ko lang po ‘yung dahon, okay? (Olympic Park)

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Amiciness Goes on a VL: Surigao

Yoga Pose #2 HAHA

This is a very late post but I have to say that this has been one of the most amazing travels ever! EVER! Amiciness Goes on a VL featured Oriental Mindoro last January, which was short and sweet, but my trip to Surigao set the bar high for my travels throughout this year. I’ve been hearing about Surigao since I was in grade school but I never really knew what it looked like. Too bad, none of my teachers told me it was paradise. I should have gone there sooner. I want to go back! Take me back!

 🎶Is it too late now to say Surigao?🎶

My friends and I booked a promo flight bound to Butuan City because the flight to Surigao City is way more expensive. Can you believe that this was my first flight for 2016 (and only flight as of August)? I was excited (since I filed a three-day vacation leave for this) but I didn’t know what to expect. I was just really looking forward to dive in the Hinatuan Enchanted River but this part of the south offered more than that. Surigao completely blew me away. I wanted the trip to go on forever, and ever, and ever.

Tinuy-an Falls
Blew me away, literally!
Watch the new episode of amiciness goes on a vl after the jump. 📹

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Trampoline Park

Amiciness visits the Trampoline Park in Greenfield, Mandaluyong City. At first glance, the area isn’t as big (vs. to what we expected) but it’s more than enough to enjoy the whole experience. I got discounted vouchers from Metrodeal but you can get a 1-hour all-access to the park for the regular price of P320 (weekdays) and P350 (weekends). (10)
Jumpin’ jumping.

The receiving area faces the street. It’s a bit disorganized but it does the job. Entering the Trampoline Park, you will be sent to the waiting area upstairs since people are only allowed to enter every hour. Minutes before our schedule, we are asked to go to the viewing area to watch a safety video, imported from the UK, I guess. I suggest they shoot a Filipino version to make it even more entertaining and informative. (9) (13)
Seriously, hiningal ako. </3

There’s the main court (with a volleyball net and colorful balls) where you can trampoline all you want. The park also has a basketball area so you can practice dunking. That’s way too advanced for me. HAHA. I have my limits.

Trampoline Park

I tried doing poses while jumping to no avail. Consider this as an official apology to ANTM/AsNTM models who were required to bounce up and in the air while struggling to be high fashion. I. AM. SORRY.

And the FCO goes to me… #NOT

Trampolining is a good fitness activity as it helps strengthen your core muscles and improves control of body position. However, you are trampolining at your own risk. Meaning, you have to be a responsible trampoliner. Haha Trampoliners is such a cute word.  Don’t worry, the safety video tutorial will guide you on your first time. PS. Don’t forget to warm-up and stretch!


Overall, I enjoyed the experience even if my body was a bit old for this. Trampolining has always been a dream ever since I was exposed to western television. I envy the kids who’re given the opportunity to experience this while their bodies are still not frail and their energy limitless. HAHA. Next time, I’ll bring red bull.

I’m giving away two of my Trampoline Park vouchers to one lucky winner. All you have to do is like and share this post on Facebook. Tag @Amiciness or include the hashtag #Amiciness. Make sure your post is public so we can see your entry.

Promo is only until May 15. The voucher is valid until May 25. 🙂

My Fave Summer Must-Haves

Hey! hey! It’s officially summer and hopefully, it’ll last until May! YEY! But before you go on a VL, drive to the beach and leave the comforts of your home, it’s important to check if you’ve packed everything. Traveling light does not help because you end up overthinking what to put in your small backpack just for it to be under or equal 7 kg. I know. It’s really hard. I always end with a trolley bag, no matter how hard I try. #always

Nailed it!

To help you with deciding on what to bring on your vacay, here are five of my fave summer must-haves. Bon voyage!


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