2015 Year in Review

2015 was Amiciness’ debut year after expanding out from Tumblr. Honestly, I didn’t expect the blog to grow as fast as it did. After 525,600 minutes, the blog gained a couple of sponsors, 170 likes in Facebook, over 80,000 page views and almost 40,000 unique visitors. This blog is my “baby” project. Since blogs became a thing, I have always wanted to have my own and I have always been a frustrated writer. For some reason, I forgot to fulfil this dream. Maybe I felt that I was not ready or I could not sustain it because of school and eventually my day job. Finally, I decided to do it and commit. You won’t know if you’re ready for something unless you’d tried. This is Amiciness’ 2015 Year in Review.

2015 Year in Review
Amiciness is here to stay!

2015 Year in Review

To celebrate 2015, here’s a recap of the posts that went “viral” (in my own definition) and those that were memorable to me as a blogger and pop culture fanatic.

Let’s go down memory lane!

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1 Year of World Vision


It has been over a year since my friends and I decided to sponsor a child’s education. This is our small contribution in trying to change the world. We aim to sponsor more children in the future once we get stable financially.

Education is important. It equalizes opportunities for people to elevate and change their lives.

Visit http://www.worldvision.org.ph/ to sponsor a child.

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.” – Chinese Proverbs

Putting up this blog, we had many skeptics. Many said that it would just fail like how our old blogs failed. Many said that no one would read our posts and we would be discouraged by it.

However, this year, we want to prove them wrong. So far, we have over 30 posts and since yesterday, we are now www.amiciness.com.

We cannot see what will happen in the future but at least we have started what most have said to be “cannot be done”.

Like our blog description says it, “When I was young, I dream of changing the world.” and this is a start.