#AsNTM2Finale: “The Girl Who Wins It All”

We are down to the Final 3! Who among Jodilly, Katarina, and Sheena won the title to become Asia’s Next Top Model? Find out in our recap of the #AsNTM2 finale:


The Top 3 girls wearing Albert Andrada

NADYA MAIL! “It’s your last photoshoot / That much I cannot deny / So pack your bags / it’s time to fly”

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It’s the @AsNTM Cycle 2 Finale!

@SheenaLiam vs @KatarinaRodri vs @jodigagaa

Watch the season finale of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 tonight (Wednesday) on Star World and Star World HD 9:40/8:40 PM JKT/BKK.

Who will be Asia’s Next Top Model?

#AsNTM2 Episode 12: “The Girl Who’s Epic” Recap

So we skipped Episode 11 and instead we got a 3-minute summary of what happened in the deleted episode. Oh and finally we some runway walking. Despite having a Movement Coach, this season did not have a lot of runway challenges, except way back in the first episode.

Here’s a quick recap of the Episode 11 summary and this week’s Episode 12:

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#AsNTM2 Episode 10: “The Island Girl” aka “Girl Who is Lost” Recap

Not much happened this episode of #AsNTM2. It might be because a lot of things got edited out following the MH370 incident.

Oh well, I guess the producers decided to change the title from The Girl Who is Lost to The Island Girl at the last minute.

Here’s a quick recap of this week’s #AsNTM2 episode:


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