Cyrus Villanueva The X Factor 2015 Champion

Cyrus Villanueva The X Factor Australia 2015 Champion

Australia has crowned a new victor for The X Factor this year. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting… Cyrus Villanueva, The X Factor Australia 2015 champion. Listen to his new single as the newest winner of the X Factor franchise:

Winner Single: Cyrus – Stone

Now that’s how you do a winner’s single! Something you could hear on the music scene right now. It’s pop/R&B with a little bit of gospel and tropical house mixed in. I’m pretty sure I’ll be replaying this song a lot for the next few weeks at least. The Australian pop music scene is on a roll, and it could only get better now with Cyrus as the latest one to join it.

Let’s take a look back at his journey before Cyrus Villanueva, the uni student, became Cyrus Villanueva, The X Factor Australia 2015 champion…

Amiciness Picks Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Top 20-11

Here is the third part of four of my countdown, i.e. from my least favorite to most favorite to win, for my Eurovision picks this year. (Read my previous Eurovision post for my picks 30-21.)

20. Israel
Nadav Guedj — Golden Boy

Sounds like three different songs mashed together, one of which is an Ed Sheeran sound-alike. And nobody believes Nadav is a teenager. But to hell with all of that, this is the funnest song this year. You know, the kind you sing along to at the club in your drunken state. I’m a golden booo-ooo-oy.