Miss World 2016 Top 5 Q&A Round

The finals night of Miss World 2016 just concluded a few hours ago, and it has been a somewhat shocking turn of events. It’s the first time in a long time that the contest was held in the United States. But of course, here at Amiciness, I’m going to focus on everyone’s favorite portion: the final Q&A. And this year’s Q&A includes a curious twist. Previous Miss World queens get to ask questions to the Top 5 vying for the title and crown of Miss World 2016. Interesting. Let’s see how the Top 5 answered:

Mister Philippines Neil Perez is Mister International 2014!

Congratulations to Mister Philippines Philippine National Police officer Mariano Flormata Jr. a.k.a. Neil Perez for winning Mister International 2014! Here is his Q&A (video from Norman’s blog): And here is a more accurate, less flowery, translation of his answer: Q: What has been your…