Amiciness Goes on a VL: Davao, Philippines

Last August, a friend from Canada returned to the Philippines for a vacation. Her hometown was Davao so like any good impulsive friend, I, along with friends from college, booked a flight and flew to the south again. This was my third trip to Davao and my barkada have already been there at least once, so we decided to just make the trip as relaxing as possible. (Our young professional bodies were VERY tired!) In our own terms, we wanted to make it a “Lola Trip.” No offense meant to grandmas, of course. We love y’all! Well, things didn’t turn out as planned.

Duterte House
A trip to Davao isn’t complete without visiting the president’s house.

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#Travel: Davao, Life is Here (Day 4)


Hito (Catfish) Lunch and River Tubing

Day 4– From Bajada, we took a jeepney (Php 8) to a van terminal near a public market. We could not remember where it was exactly but the L300 vans would take you to Calinan proper (Php 26).


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#Travel: Davao, Life is Here (Day 3)

Maxima Aqua Fun and Monfort Bat Sanctuary


Day 3– The next morning, we took a boat from Sta. Cruz to Kaputian Island, Igacos (Php 10 per head). From there, we took a bus (Php 30 per head) to Peñaplata (Davao Central Convenience Store).

Then, we haggled a bit with some habal-habal motorcycle drivers. We agreed to a price of Php 150 for a roundtrip ride to Maxima Aqua Fun and back to Peñaplata.

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#Travel : Davao, Life Is Here (Day 2)


Day 2– From Damosa, we took a cab to Sta. Ana Wharf to ride a ferry to Santa Cruz Wharf, Talicud Island.

Davao’s taxi drivers never cease to amaze us with their kindness and professionalism. They never reject passengers (as long as you are a company of 4 people). Our cab fare was Php 90. I was not paying attention to the time so you can do the math. Transportation in Davao is such a breeze compared to Manila.

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#Travel : Davao, Life Is Here (Day 1)


Day 1– We were set to fly to Davao on the 17th. Our flight was delayed, so our one hour and 45 minute flight became a drag to say the least. I did not know if we could blame Cebu Pacific or the air traffic at NAIA 3. The government should really look at this problem in a systematic point of view. One delayed flight from another airport would cause a delayed flight to another. I don’t know what we can do but this is an interesting and relevant problem to solve.

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