2017: A Year in Review

2017 has been a blessed year for Amiciness. Forgive me for using “blessed” (my vocabulary is very limited HAHA) but yeah, many good things happened  this year. Viewership is continually growing strong even in our Youtube account. Thanks to followers of our regular and new content. We are also proud to have won a number of contests that helped us make a small mark in the internet world.

Amiciness has been up for three years now and it’s what makes me sane amidst the ups and downs of my life. Ito na lang ang pinanghahawakan ko, guys! In this post, I’m recapping the highlights of our very colorful 2017. I thought I wouldn’t survive the year but I did. #grateful 🙌

Dear readers, this is Amiciness’ 2017 year in review…

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Kimmy Dora 3 Movie Review+

When I heard that there would be a third and final installment of Kimmy Dora, I sighed and thought that it was kind of unnecessary.

Fortunately, I saw the trailer and decided to watch the movie. I was so wrong. This was one of the few instances when the trailer leveled with the quality of the movie. 

The Kimmy Dora prequel was as relevant as its first installment (Sadly, I never got the chance to see the sequel).

Click the poster to watch the trailer on Youtube.

image Warning: Spoilers after the Jump

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