Live with the King

Huawei Nexus 6P
Huawei Nexus 6P, King of Android

Choosing a smart phone is not as easy as you may think (even with all the money!). It’s not as convenient as it was in the 90s when you’d just buy the latest cell and go on your way home. These days, choosing a smart phone is as complicated as choosing a presidential candidate and even dating! It’s like choosing your soulmate in a sea of equally appealing candidates from Tinder, where hitting like or dislike is a matter of life and death! Whether you’re voting, finding “the one” or looking for a new smartphone, you need to choose wisely.

GIF game - Live With The King_2
Try to catch the crown!! #LiveWithTheKIng

Luckily, the Huawei Nexus 6P has it all from the unique and elegant design to its low-light loving, powerful camera not to mention its fast speed and premium performance. With its features fit for royalty (yes, it’s available in gold!), our search for the King of smartphones is over. Huawei Nexus 6P is the one true king.

Learn more about the features of Huawei Nexus 6P in my vlog below. It’s my first time to vlog, so be nice. HAHA. Enjoy!

What are your favorite Huawei Nexus 6P features? What do you think it’s like to Live with the King?

Sponge Cola – (Pero) Pangako Ko | Google Mo Lang

Below is a video of Sponge Cola‘s new song (Pero) Pangako Ko| Google Mo Lang and I ACTUALLY APPEARED IN THE VIDEO! *cryin* This is for a series of Google app commercials similar to Bogart The Explorer Presents Google Mo Lang Trip ng Barkada Epic Video.

Google Mo Lang
WHUT!?? 😀 Google Mo Lang!

Flashback! I think it was exactly a month ago when I saw a post from the band’s FB account. It has always been my dream to be in an MTV and better yet, a Sponge Cola music video. I wasn’t able to join the Makapiling Ka video contest before and that really frustrated me. After watching the contest mechanics, I convinced Gillian (Resident Web Designer and Editor of Amiciness) to join in. He didn’t have a choice actually. HAHA. BUT, we didn’t have the time and location! To make it worse, I didn’t have a girl friend willing to be the female lead. Fortunately, we managed. (Spoiler alert: The female lead has long black hair. :D)

Impulsively, we decided to book a hotel room that coming weekend and just shoot. Bahala na (kahit mahal)! We brainstormed for a week to the point of overthinking every detail. Bahala na talaga! Three more friends (Kim, Nikko and Ernan) were also kind enough to help make the props and engineer the lights (read: hold the flashlight). I’m forever grateful, friends!! Shooting was not as easy as I imagined but it was so much fun. At last, nagamit din ang mga acting workshop! 😀

I always wanted to see myself on TV and this is as close as it gets.

The song is AMAZING by the way!

Thank you so much, Sponge Cola.