My Visit to the Man from the Stars Set Exhibition

For a Korean drama fanatic like me, one of the highlights of traveling to Korea is visiting Korean drama (or as we call it in the Philippines, Koreanovela) sets . Well, I’m a recovering Koreanovela fan. I try to avoid watching them because they make me stay up so late and my eye-bags can only handle so much. I also get attached to the characters and the stories that I find it hard to move on.

The Korean drama set I visited was none other than the 2014 hit series Man from the Stars (also known as My Love from the Star or You Who Came from the Stars). For those not familiar, the show’s main protagonist Do Min-joon (Kim Soo-hyun) is an alien waiting for centuries for a comet to bring him to his home planet. Fate brings him to Cheon Song-yi (Jun Ji-hyun), a beautiful but a bit nutty actress. I promise you, it’s a must-watch!

I love them!

The set (one of the house sets used in the series) is located at Korea’s exhibition center, KINTEX (2) similar to the Philippines’ SMX Convention Center only so much bigger and wider. According to the print ads, the exhibition will be until August 2015. What are you waiting for? Go to KINTEX now!

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#AsNTM2 Episode 12: “The Girl Who’s Epic” Recap

So we skipped Episode 11 and instead we got a 3-minute summary of what happened in the deleted episode. Oh and finally we some runway walking. Despite having a Movement Coach, this season did not have a lot of runway challenges, except way back in the first episode.

Here’s a quick recap of the Episode 11 summary and this week’s Episode 12:

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