Amiciness’ Stand on Boxing [Parody]

I love puns.

Amiciness on “Boxing”

Common sense lang. Makakakita ka ba ng any animals na makikipagsapakan para lang sa isang gintong sinturon at sa pera? Mas mabuti pa yung hayop. *snickers* Hindi marunong makipagpatayan para lang sa pera.

O di ba? O ngayon, kung makikipagsapakan tayo sa ibang tao para lang manalo ng isang gintong sinturon, para sa pera, e mas masahol pa sa hayop ang tao.

Begrudgingly inspired by Rep. Manny Pacquiao‘s (currently running for Senate) stand on same-sex marriage:

Read more: Pacquiao compares gays to animals, draws flak on social media (

Seriously, what do we expect from absentee congressman Manny Pacquiao. How many bills and laws has he authored or passed again? I’m even more disappointed at the people defending his “very scientific” statements. The LGBT community has been bullied all their lives and we don’t need a reminder, from a very public and influential figure no less, of how ignorant and narrow some people are.

UPDATE: It seems Manny has backtracked and “apologized.” *air quotes* He’s sorry for the animal comparison but he’s not changing his stance on same-sex marriage. K.

What’s your stand on boxing? Do you also think doing it makes us much worse than animals?

Oh and, if it isn’t clear yet, Amiciness is NOT endorsing Manny Pacquiao or his candidacy in any form whatsoever.

In Defense of “Nuisance” Candidates

In defense of “nuisance” candidates, it’s not their fault that they are “qualified” to run for the president of this country. It’s not their fault that the registration process is flawed. Diyan naman magaling ang Pilipinas, after mag file ng mga kandidato and even after manalo, saka kukuwestiyunin ang eligibility. Look at Grace Poe for example. I am not a supporter or anything. I don’t really care about her pero the fact that the government allowed her to be an MTRCB chairman (big mistake pows!) and senator, ano naman kaibahan nu’n sa pagiging presidente? Mawawala na ang bearing ng argument na tinakwil n’ya ang pagiging Pilipino kasi nga nagsilbi na siya as a public servant of the Republic of the Philippines. Stop questioning what should have been assumed as valid years ago. Kung ganyan din lang, eh di dapat i-revisit natin ang filing of candidacy requirements. Kung hindi n’yo gusto ang mga kandidato na nagfifile, then revise the minimum requirements. Taasan ang standards. Lagyan ng minimum tenure as a public servant. I-specify na bawal ang mga unknown people to run. I-specify na once you go American, you can’t go back. Ilagay na dapat na either anak lang ng pulitiko o ng isang artista ang p’wede maging presidente. I-specify niyo lahat ‘yan please para malinaw at walang angal. We can laugh at these “nuisance” candidates (guilty), call them names or whatever but one thing’s for certain, they believe in change and they believe that it can start from themselves. One more thing, they’re doing something about it.

We all want change. We all know we need change pero what we lack is action. Puro tayo Twitter at trending topics (which deserves another post, btw) pero ano nga ba ginagawa natin para sa pagbabago? Puro tayo post about Heneral Luna at kung paano nito ginising ang dugong makabayan natin pero ano nga ba ang ginagawa natin para sa pagbabago? 



What the Philippines Needs: Sustainability

The 2013 Philippine Elections is just around the corner. I’m writing this post not to comment on candidates I like or more importantly, the candidates that I don’t like. I am writing this post because I want to share what I think the country really needs. I am a graduate of Industrial Engineering and not in any way knowledgable on the law or the things that I’ll be talking about but this is what I feel should be prioritized. Sustainability.

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