As Told by Amiciness Vol. 1

Just some of the stories I tell my friends...

Short, funny and personal stories as told by moi, Amiciness. It’s also my first time to try making comic strips for the blog. I figured I liked telling stories, drawing, photoshopping and writing. So why not do all of them? Emmerayt? Enjoy!

1. How to Eat inside the Classroom

I was in the first grade when I first felt the need to eat during class. To not wait for recess and just eat my pandesal filled with bacon and sugar, prepared by my grandmother. Of course, this wasn’t allowed. So I put my head inside my stroller bag and took a bite of my awesome blissful sandwich. Et voila, my very own 1st grade hack!


That’s why my bag is always big…

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Signs You’re NOT A Primary Friend (And What to Do About Them)

Friendship has a lot of layers especially now at a time when its definition can be bounded by the mere clicking of a button. You have childhood friends. Your friends that remember you pooped your pants in kindergarten and the names of your pets that you still use to recover your email passwords. Your high school friends who know the names of your first romances. Those who you barely see but still got your back no matter what. Your friends at work. Those who you interact with for at least 8 hours 5 days a week. You have Facebook friends. Those who you know and follow. Those who you know but not follow. Those you don’t know but follow. Whoever your friends are, there will always be hierarchy. There is always hierarchy.  To put it simply, it’s either you’re primary friend material or not.

Hey! (Friends via Tumblr/fyeahfriendsgifs)
Hey! (Friends via Tumblr/fyeahfriendsgifs)

I don’t know if the term actually exists but a “primary friend” is someone you prefer to be with, do stuff with. May it be as simple as buying a soda from a convenience store or as long-term as traveling for the holidays. Someone who you share small milestones of your life. Your first closed deal. Your first broadway musical. You finally being able to drive. Think about it. The first names that pop out your head. The most active message threads in your Facebook messenger. The people you forward funny video links to. We all have our favorites. It’s nothing personal. Just life. There’re no particular criteria. It’s not really about who is better nor who you know the longest. It just happens. Life happens.

Do cats count as primary friends? (
Do cats count as primary friends? (

Let’s take out vanity, bitterness, insecurity, jealousy, self-centeredness or the so-called paranoia of missing out off the equation for a moment and consider that “primary friends” really exist. Here are some signs that you are NOT (and what to do about them).

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