Make Gift-Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!

At this age, all I want is convenience and peace of mind. :)

Ber months na!Ā šŸ˜Ā Wait, I’ll just play my Jose Mari Chan cassette my mom bought me back in grade one. šŸŽ§Ā Yep, it’s almost Christmas time and if you’re like me who makes gift-giving a “career“, I know you’re already planning your Christmas presents to family, friends, your special “friend”, office crush and to Kuya guard who doesn’t forget to greet you “Good morning poĀ šŸŒž!” every freakin’ day!

My gifts will rock your world! (Via Mashable)

Gift-giving is our way of saying thank you for sticking with me despite of my craziness,Ā I love you kahit di mo naman ako nakikita, charot! and please boss, i-promote niyo na po ako. Double-charot!!šŸ˜‰

Game of Thrones
Your presence is not always a gift. šŸ˜› (Via eBaum’s World)

Regardless of the reason, here are a few of my fool-proof gift giving ideas for the coming Christmas season. (And for all occasions!) Continue reading “Make Gift-Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!”

Fujifilm X-A3: To buy or not to buy?

Have you ever had that lingering itch to buy something? For the last three weeks, I have. I was looking at the Apple Watch Series 2 but I decided it wasn’t really my style. I just got the super cheap Xiaomi Band 2. Now, I’ve been looking for a camera that will suit my needsĀ as a blogger. The candidate: the Fujifilm X-A3.

See sample pics taken using Fujifilm X-A3 after the jump!

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POTW: Rainy season is coming!

Summer is already ending as we are experiencing occasional rain showers in the past weeks. Luckily, I have prepared for the coming of the rainy season. #RainySeasonIsComing. Okay, I’m not a weather expert but I just assume that if summer’s this hot, then maybe (hopefully not!), the rainy season will beĀ the total opposite. So like the eager vigilant boy scout that I am not, I decided to prepare.

HereĀ areĀ my rainy season POTWs:

I’m ready for you, rain!

POTW #1: Easy Soft Waterproof Dress Shoes (P399)

I’ve heard of Easy Soft a year ago from my office mate and admittedly,Ā I was a non-believer… until I tried oneĀ on (in Tagaytay while burning time for a wedding). Available in black and brown (there’s also a collection for women too!), Easy Soft offers a stylish and comfortable way to brave the floods of Manila. It’s light-weight and very durable. Do I have to mention thatĀ it is very affordable too? Yes, you can get your own pair for as low as P350! I’ve already ruined perfectly goodĀ leather shoes becauseĀ I had to make lusong in the baha in Amorsolo, Makati. UGH. The memories.Ā I bought one forĀ the rainy season and for my daily commute. Di’ ba practical?

You just have to be very meticulous in choosing the stock. Mine has a couple of scratches. This may be because the Easy Soft shoes do not come in boxes but in shoe hangers like Sanuk’s and Crocs’.

POTW #2: Speedo Waterproof Pool bagĀ (P999)

I initially bought this for summer but IĀ realized it can be as useful in the rain. Rain is manageable but when the wind decides to join the party, it’s a terrible thing for a commuter. Protect your gadgets and important documents in a waterproof bag. I just hate that it’s a knapsack, not the ones with plastic buckles like in dry bags.

POTW #3: Fibrella Automatic FoldingĀ UmbrellaĀ (P599.75)

I bought my first tealĀ Fibrella in 2012 and I still use it until now. This quarter,Ā I wanted to look mature and serious soĀ naturally, I decided to buy a black umbrella. And considering climate change, black is the best color to protect me from the sun’s harmful rays. Why automatic? ‘Cause why not? Try an automaticĀ umbrella and you will never go back!

Bonus: Berocca Twin Pack Orange Flavor

I almost forgot, I also bought Berocca.Ā Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? I take Berocca everyday and it’s particularly effective when I feel that I’m catching a cold. Or when I get extra paranoid when an officemate is sick. HAHA. Ang hirap kaya ‘pag may ubo’t sipon! I forgot how much it was because I used my SM Advantage in Watson’s. HAHA! That’s a shopping tip from me!

What do you think of my purchase of the week?Ā Have IĀ wasted my hard-earned money? Or was I being a smart shopper in preparing for the rain?Ā 

Purchase of the Week: Lang Leav and Other Buys

While waiting for my Calligraphy Class (I’ll share that in another post), I did some shopping at Fully Booked. I was glad I didn’t stayĀ elsewhere or else I could have bought unnecessary stuff and regretted them! Whew! The last book that I read wasĀ All the Bright Places by Rainbow Rowell and currently, I’m still reading Never Let Me Go (That’s thanks to Andrew Garfield!) byĀ Kazuo Ishiguro, which I bought in 2014. So it was about time for me to shop for my bookcase and thatĀ was enough reason for me to not feel guilty about my purchase. Confession: I’m a recovering shopaholic. And my list includes Lang Leav! <3

Blogging about my latest purchase to make me feel not guilty. HAHA.

Drum roll please! Here are the items of my purchase of the week after the jump.

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