2015 Year in Review

2015 was Amiciness’ debut year after expanding out from Tumblr. Honestly, I didn’t expect the blog to grow as fast as it did. After 525,600 minutes, the blog gained a couple of sponsors, 170 likes in Facebook, over 80,000 page views and almost 40,000 unique visitors. This blog is my “baby” project. Since blogs became a thing, I have always wanted to have my own and I have always been a frustrated writer. For some reason, I forgot to fulfil this dream. Maybe I felt that I was not ready or I could not sustain it because of school and eventually my day job. Finally, I decided to do it and commit. You won’t know if you’re ready for something unless you’d tried. This is Amiciness’ 2015 Year in Review.

2015 Year in Review
Amiciness is here to stay!

2015 Year in Review

To celebrate 2015, here’s a recap of the posts that went “viral” (in my own definition) and those that were memorable to me as a blogger and pop culture fanatic.

Let’s go down memory lane!

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La Cage Aux Folles Press Preview

La Cage Aux Folles Press Preview – 14 August 2015

#LaCageManila is running until 6 September at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza.


An Interview with Steven Silva

Amiciness was given the opportunity to interview my first (and hopefully not the last) celebrity guest, Steven Silva of La Cage Aux Folles.

Well, close enough since this was done only via email. I don’t think I’m ready for an actual face-to-face interview not to mention I still get easily starstruck by literally anyone or anything. We’ll get there. I’m still nurturing the inner journalist in me. Anyhow, the teaser for this interview gained a lot of views so I guess, I’m not the only one excited to read Steven’s answers to this set of witty questions, Amiciness style. I won’t prolong your agony. Here we go!

Steven's tweet that started it all
The tweet that started it all. (Screenshot by me circa 2011)

Amiciness: Time flies so fast. It has been more than half a decade since you joined showbiz. You even had a different Twitter handle before. (I was always responding to your tweets. LOL. I remember one time, you asked how to describe the taste of blood and I tweeted “like licking a pad lock.”). You are now entering a new chapter in your professional career. How will you compare Steven then with the Steven now?

Steven: I do remember that particular tweet! I have no clue what I was thinking that day when I posted that but I did appreciate your unique response. 5 years is a long time and a lot has happened within those 5 years. The Steven of now I believe is more refined, experienced and aware of himself. I feel more aware in the sense of – I better understand my strengths and weaknesses as a person and an artist.

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Short Teaser to Steven Silva’s Interview

Since it’s my birthday tomorrow, I have a surprise to all Amiciness and theatre followers! I’m putting my Ricky Lo/Boy Abunda/Jessica Soho hats on as I’ve set an email interview with Steven Silva of 9 Works Theatrical’s  La Cage Aux Folles. Yes, La Cage is back on August 15 to September 6 at the Carlos P. Romula Auditorium (RCBC Plaza).

I’m really excited about the interview! I hope he has fun answering all my questions as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them down. Watch out for the post!

Below is a very short behind-the-scene footage of #LaCageManila with a personal greeting from Steven himself.

In Defense of Steven Silva

As a fan of Steven Silva for a few years now, I feel the need to address GMA Artist Center‘s (Steven’s management for the past few years) statement in turn addressing Steven’s sentiment about his being a GMA talent. Steven has been under GMA Network and GMA Artist Center for the last five years. He won as the Ultimate Male Survivor for the 5th batch of the reality artista search Starstruck.

It’s unfair that GMAAC is putting Steven in a bad light by implicitly describing him as unappreciative for his career. The statement is uncalled for and harsh. Steven is thankful for what he has been given, but at the same time, he is disappointed with the way his career has been going. He wants to do more, but he isn’t given the opportunity to do so.

GMAAC even says that they have given Steven many opportunities. That is probably true, but those opportunities are probably not the right ones for his career. Ask a random stranger on the streets of Manila what projects Steven has been in. Sadly, you might not get an answer, as they would probably, and again sadly, have forgotten who Steven is (aside from Kapuso and theatre fans) less so his projects. This is because Steven was given projects that were not up his alley. I know he is very passionate about his music and singing career. Did they give Steven an album under GMA Records? No. Instead they made him one of the regular dancers in their Sunday noontime show, from SOP up to Sunday All Stars. And I think this goes for all the artists under GMAAC’s roster. GMAAC should evaluate their talents and give them the proper projects to hone their talents more. Career planning is what’s needed.

Nonetheless, even though GMAAC has not given Steven projects for the past few months, it’s good that he has been keeping himself busy. He found his calling in musical theatre, and has been part of 3 theatrical productions so far, the latest being the successful Philippine staging of La Cage aux Folles (which is going to have a rerun soon :D). As Jean-Michel, I have seen Steven’s growth throughout the years, from the first time I saw him on Starstruck. I’m also happy that he’s been doing TV shows by way of TV5, something that GMA and its Artist Center can’t give him right now.

I’m proud to be a Steven Silva fan, and I support him in whatever he does next. 🙂

Read the full statements for both sides here: