Suicide, Incorporated: A Play that Speaks to All

Every 40 seconds, someone in the world takes his/her own life.

Twin Bill Theater brings another thought-provoking production with the Asian premiere of Suicide, Incorporated, a dark comedy that tackles the taboo topic of suicide. Writer Andrew Hinderaker (Penny Dreadful) pens an unusual and almost not-impossible take on the bizarre world of outsourced services. The “incorporation” in focus is Legacy Letters, an OSP (outsourced service provider—as the corporate world calls it) that assists clients in crafting suicide notes.

The beginning’s s’posed to grab ya.

Scott (Jeremy Domingo), the owner, means business and even wants to tap the sleeping market of male suicides. Scott has two employees, Perry (Chino Veguillas), the bibo ass-kisser, and Jason (Hans Eckstein), the new-hire who struggles in handling his first suicidal client, Norm (Mako Alonso). When Jason’s not in the office, he’s at home talking to his brother Tommy (Bibo Reyes), a college student with problems of his own.

Jason (Hans Eckstein) and Tommy (Bibo Reyes) on one side; Scott (Jeremy Domingo) and the detective (Chino Veguillas) on the other. In Twin Bill Theater's staging of Andrew Hinderaker's "Suicide, Incorporated"

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