OPPO F1s: Summer Destination

Taking a vacation leave is crucial to a twenty-something middle class worker like me. Whether it’s one day, a couple of days or a week, it’s the time to unwind after the daily 8 to 5 grind of earning moolah. That’s why I’m so excited as I booked a trip to my summer destination: South Korea 🇰🇷. Yes, I know I’ve been there thrice already but before you say, “Korea na naman!?” Let me explain first. 😅

Siloam Spa
Going Korean AGAIN!!!

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My Fave Summer Must-Haves

Hey! hey! It’s officially summer and hopefully, it’ll last until May! YEY! But before you go on a VL, drive to the beach and leave the comforts of your home, it’s important to check if you’ve packed everything. Traveling light does not help because you end up overthinking what to put in your small backpack just for it to be under or equal 7 kg. I know. It’s really hard. I always end with a trolley bag, no matter how hard I try. #always

Nailed it!

To help you with deciding on what to bring on your vacay, here are five of my fave summer must-haves. Bon voyage!


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#Lahar: Pinatubo Adventure

imageMount Pinatubo is one of the more popular volcanoes in the Philippines next to the perfect coned Mayon Volcano and the small but terrible Taal Volcano. It is located somewhere in between Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga provinces. The last time the volcano erupted was in 1991. According to some websites, prior to this eruption, Pinatubo last erupted more than a thousand years ago. Wow! Now I know why the eruption is considered one of the largest eruption in the last century.

Anyway, this summer, I had a chance to go to Mount Pinatubo. Naturally, it was just one memorable and fun experience.

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