Miss Universe 2017 Q&A: Miss South Africa Demi Leigh Wins

South Africa's Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters wins Miss Universe 2017 (Via Philstar)

The 66th Miss Universe just wrapped up and many have already posted their “‘wag muna magpaparlor statuses” because Miss Philippines Rachel Peters didn’t make the top 5. Geez, gay people have other professions too, you know. Anyway, like last year and the year before that, Amiciness transcribed all the Q and A from the most awaited pageant in the universe as accurately as possible. I thank you.

Miss Universe Top 5 Q&A

The 92 candidates of the 2017 Miss Universe (the highest attendance in the pageant’s history) were whittled down to the Top 16 for the swimsuit round, down to the Top 10 for the evening gown round, and to the Top 5 for the all-important Q&A. The last 5 standing were: South Africa, Venezuela, Thailand, Jamaica and Colombia. Here’s how they answered the Q&A:

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Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Season Review

Asia’s Next Top Model has successfully wrapped up another cycle. I can’t believe it’s been four cycles already. I can still remember my first AsNTM post in my blog (then on Tumblr). I’ve recapped every episode (and reviewed some of them), but now it’s time to take a look back at what the show did great and what we, the fans, think need to be cut and made-over. Below are some of my literal reactions to the recently concluded Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4. 

The Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 4 contestants
The Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 contestants

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Tawan’s AsNTM4 Portfolio So Far

Tawan from Thailand has made it to the Top 3 of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4. Will she make Cindy proud and bring the crown back to Thailand, the first ever winner of AsNTM? This is her portfolio on the show so far:

Best Photo: Subaru

Worst Photo: Neutrogena

For you, what are Tawan’s best and worst photos? Is Tawan the newest Asia’s Next Top Model? Sound off in the comment section below.

Tia Tavee of AsNTM Cycle 2 on the Coca-Cola Philippines TV Ad

If you’ve seen the latest Coca-Cola Philippines television advertisement, then you might have seen a familiar face. The girl in the mint green shirt is the young Thai representative from Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2Tia Tavee. Watch the Coke commercial below, featuring the newly available Coca-Cola Emoticon bottles:

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My Dream AsNTM All-Star Cycle Cast

It’s only been three cycles of Asia’s Next Top Model. But what would an all-star cycle look like? Here is my dream AsNTM All-Star cast from the girls in the cycles so far:

The Runners-up

The Runners-up: Stephanie, Jodilly, Aimee
Stephanie, Jodilly, Aimee
  • Stephanie (Philippines/Cycle 1) 1
  • Jodilly (Philippines/2) 2
  • Aimee (Singapore/3) 3

These girls are out for vengeance. They almost clinched the title… but not quite. Will they do enough to get the crown the second time around?

The Early Exits

The Early Exits: Rachel, Trang, Marie, Celine
Rachel, Trang, Marie, Celine
  • Rachel (India/Cycle 1)
  • Trang (Vietnam/1)
  • Marie (Japan/2) 4
  • Celine (Vietnam/3) 5

Fan favorites gone too early. Will they climb up the ranks to the top, or stay stuck at the bottom?

The Dark Horses

The Dark Horses: Aastha, Josephine, Melissa (S3)
Aastha, Josephine, Melissa (S3)
  • Aastha (Nepal/Cycle 1)
  • Josephine (Malaysia/2) 6
  • Melissa (Malaysia/3) 7

We see the potential in these girls, but they might not have shown their full capacity in their respective cycles. Will these girls break through the all stars and shine in their own right?

The “Mean Girls”

The Villains: Helena, Janice, Tia, Tahlia
Helena, Janice, Tia, Tahlia
  • Helena (Hong Kong/Cycle 1) 8
  • Janice (Indonesia/2)
  • Tia (Thailand/2) 9
  • Tahlia (Indonesia/3)

No cycle is complete without the “villains.” They bring the drama, but will they bring their game face in the all-star battlefield?

What do you think of my all-star cast? Who do you think I missed? What would your dream AsNTM All Star cycle cast look like? Sound off in the COMMENTS below.

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