First Impressions on Apple TV+

I received an email a few days ago telling me that I was qualified for a 1 year Apple TV+ subscription for FREE. This was one of the up-sides of losing my phone in New York and having bought a new one from Apple Store. Oh well, first time for everything. I’ll tell you all about it on a different post. I couldn’t resist the bait and so I signed up to the one year free subscription, and hopefully remember to cancel before it renews and my credit card get charged.

And so, here are my FIRST impressions on Apple TV+.

#AsNTM2 Episode 3: “The Girl Who’s Hot When She is Cold” Recap

The episode was tagged as the “most challenging” episode of the show. On the contrary, the episode did not deliver as promised. It was boring and predictable. I’d just hope the next episode would be better.

Anyway, here were some of the highlights of Episode 3.